Best strategy games ever

Best strategy games ever

The most complete enthralling experience that a professional gamer enjoys is that of playing strategy video games. These also helps you acquire many life skills like giving leadership lessons and also getting you to know the qualities of teamwork. With the initial release of the strategy games in the market, it has evolved to many dimensions and gives the player many options to plan the game unlike the earlier versions where the task of the player was pre-installed. All the top video-gaming industries have developed this gaming genre and made some epic games.

These are the top strategy games in the market:

Rise of Nations

It is a product of the Microsoft Game Studios and was developed in the year 2003. Working on real-time strategy, this game sold many copies in the market and was favorite for the gamers for encouraging the skills of task-switching and memory for them. It can be played both as single and multi-user and has released many later versions of it.

Supreme Commander

This game was released some years later in 2007 and can be played both in your PC and Xbox machines. Popularly known among gamers as SupCom, it is said to have inspired from an earlier game called Total Annihilation. It is a brainchild of Chris Taylor, Supreme Commander is known for its breathtaking visuals and different gaming plans.

Star Wars

This is an old horse and has seen many inspirations in the form of films and comic books. The first video games of this series was primarily developed in the early years of 1980s and have enthralled the players with the alien environment and whole new warfare strategies were developed to give new user experience to the avid gamers in every successive series.


This Firaxis Games item was developed for Linux and Mac operating Systems. X-COM has also developed an android version of this game for the smartphone users. Influenced from the others alien games in the market and taking cue from the various popular comics in terms of character, this product has set standards for strategy games.

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