Best sports games ever

Best sports games ever`

Video game is also expected as a modern game form by the experts. Any type of sports has a good number of die-hard followers and is itself considered a huge industry with backing in both the government level as well as private firms. Things get more exciting when one of the highest-growing sector of video-game is linked with the vast sports industry. All the video gaming companies have brought their own version of the most popular games played in the world and giving a chance to those who want to leartn the skills and enjoy the thrilling experience.

Some of the names of top video-games in sports genre is given:

Madden NFL 2005

This is a popular video-game from football lovers. Resealed almost around a decade ago, the Madden NFL gives a real football experience to the avid gamers. This product from Electronic Arts, can be played in cross-platform mediums such as Xbox, GameCube and PlayStation and the real stars come alive in the virtual world of the game.

NHL ’94

Another interesting game from the house of Electronic Arts, which brings the magic of the ice hockey game alive in the gaming screen. The NHL’94 has been through various modifications from the time of its release in the market. The different gaming modes and series which is part of the game makes it a favorite choice among the gaming lovers.


FIFA 10 has a good number of followers in the gaming world. Known for nearly bringing real-life experience and visuals for the soccer fans and gives different options to the users in terms of choosing teams and the tournaments of their choice. All the top soccer players from around the world play among each other in this ultimate game.

EA Skate

This sport of skating in the real world is gaining good audience from around the world and is specially popular among the young generation for the various stunts and physical activities needed in this sports. The product EA Skate video game was initially launched in the year 2007 also has a very interactive mobile version for the video game players.

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