Best board games ever

Best board games ever

Many popular board games and card games have computer versions. AI opponents can help improve one’s skill at traditional games. Chess, Checkers, Othello which is also known as Reversi, and Backgammon have world class computer programs. Mah-jongg and related games are immensely popular in China and Japan. Go is popular in East Asia, though it is infamously difficult to program a computer to play Go well. Magic: The Gathering has had computer versions for some time, most notably Magic: The Gathering Online.

Given is the list of the best board video games to play:

Hasbro’s Family Game Night

Buy it on a disc for the Wii and get Battleship, Boggle, Connect Four, Sorry!, Sorry! Slider and Yahtzee. Or, if you have an Xbox 360, download the Family Game Night hub for free and cherry pick your favorite titles – available individually for 800 MS Points. Most of the titles are faithful adaptations, Yahtzee arguably the best.


Scrabble had a rough start on both the web and mobile platforms. Scrabbulous wasn’t just the first successful Scrabble clone on Facebook, but the first successful game. And Word With Friends wooed up iPhone scrabblers with a low cost of entry and excellent multiplayer functionality. So with iPad, the Scrabble team had to strike with a truly impressive product, not just some inchoate code to be fixed in future updates. Fair to say, Scrabble for iPad delivers with beautiful graphics and the particularly creative use of Bluetooh, transforming available iPhones into players’ tile racks.


Uno for XBLA, a digital adaptation of the popular children’s card game, never planned to pioneer internet exhibitionism, but as one of the first games compatible with the Xbox Live Camera, fell into the role. The ability to capture your image then share it with playmates was, to put it correctly. For young families we recommend the game, its just as fun as playing with a deck of cards. But maybe play it offline.

Chessmaster Live

Chessmaster Live serves as a chess tutor, an Elo rating booster and a PvP matchmaker. It is a true all levels title. No surprise though, Chessmaster has a history of Chess hits (as much as a Chess game has ever been a “hit”.) If you’re a console gamer, Chessmaster Live is your home. And hey, if you need something on the go, try Deep Green for iPhone.

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