Best action games ever

Best action games ever

In the time when most of the action films in Hollywood are doing excellent business and breaking records in the box office in terms of revenue and viewership. The advancement of technology has also helped greatly to introduce path-breaking visual and effects into the movies which are used to exaggerate the action sequences within the film. Over the few decades, the gaming industry has worked in synonymous with the film fraternity and has worked as perfect platform for inspiration for the either item to give the best experience to the consumers.

Given is the list of top action games in  market:

Grand Theft Auto

This is over a decade old game which have shot to fame with the path-breaking action sequences along with an enthralling storyline that is synonymous with blockbuster movies. The Grand Theft Auto is developed by Rockstar Games. Robert Davi, Ray Liotta, Burt Reynolds, Steve Scott and  Jenna Jameson are well known characters from the game.


Minecraft was initially developed in the year in 2011 by Mojang. The game is the brainchild of Markus Persson and had seen many modifications in the later versions. With the growth of the portable digital devices like smartphones, this game has garnered much popularity in the recent times and has available in PlayStation and Xbox platform.

Call of Duty

On of the most popular video games in the industry and which is known to work as a trendsetter in the action genre. The game has gained popularity among the avid gamers because of various reasons. Really good visuals who resemble real-life experience along with excellent game plan and strategies which helps the gamers learn many warfare knowledge.

BioShock Infinite

Bioshock is slowly becoming the favorite game for many people and has introduced many exciting features into this game to give the customers, the most unique experience. The game was developed by the Irrational Games and also have the unique record of winning many awards in the industry in the dates before its release in the market.

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