4 Cool PC Sports & Adventure Games

Dayz_gameYear 2014 was a great year for games of every genre, ranging from action, adventure, simulation, puzzles and strategy. Here are some popular games across genres:

1. Project CARS: One of the most eye-catching features of the game is the life-like graphics, the impressive simulation of the race atmosphere, right from the tracks to the soundtrack. Project CARS allows you to choose from over 35 locations. You can change the settings to race either at day or night, adjust the weather, etc.

2. DayZ: A theme that is popular with game addicts all over, zombies, apocalypse and an island that can be explored for its dark terrain, DayZ is a gaming phenomenon for the dedication tha0t has been put into the details. The best thing about the game is the multi-player format. About 40 players can engage in the game even as they hunt for food, search for medical supplies, check gas stations, military bases and airports for anything useful they can find. Players will soon find out that the most dangerous of all elements are human beings. An entertaining, engaging game.

3. Top Spin 4:  There are several tennis simulation games that recreate the entire set up well, but Top Spin 4 allows you into the middle of the action, like no other tennis PC game does. The game is playable at all levels, by all age groups, thanks to the skill levels and other additions.

4. NBA 2K12: The game makers has an incredible number of modes, allowing great leverage for the basketball fan. Pitting legendary players against each other in unbelievable star-studded matches is another highlight of this impressive set up.

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