Ways to market indie games

One of the top challenges indie game makers is to meet the customers and compete with the big and professional gaming companies. Along with making an unique product, it is necessary to work on making a marketing strategy in order to reach the video game enthusiasts and make the video game successful.

The ways to market indie games is shared with the readers.

Make web-blog

The main goal of the website is to increase awareness about your game.  It is thus crucial provide a seamless user experience where the readers are able to learn more about the game and easily get information about the same. Update the players about new releases or in general keep in touch with the player community.

Build trailer

Trailers have been all the rage for a while now and it is a tried and tested best practice. It is the fastest most efficient way of showcasing a game. trailers are a great tool to entice gamers and help build the first impression in their minds. It is recommended to include your game’s title and it helps with brand recall and helps players remember the game.

Get social media

Social media is not only for the millennials. Social media marketing is a great free way to spread the word about your game and help generate word-of-mouth interest for it. Create social media pages for your indie game and optimize and actively engage the audience with posts.

Go to press

Getting press coverage by a game journalist or getting featured in a game specific publication can be invaluable in getting the much-needed exposure for your indie game. The ways to engage press is to create a press kit and also draft an introductional email for sending to press.

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