Top video game magazines to read

In the age on offline content, there are also many print magazines that are found catering to the video game industry. If you are an avid gamer, then game magazines will truly be a big help for you. Game magazines provide tips as well as updates on the different games available in the market. Through game magazines give information about the new games launched.

Given is the list of the best video game magazines to see.


GamePro is available to the readers in both formats of print and online. GamePro magazine is a multiplatform video game magazine from US. It primarily targets the games that are being released on different video game consoles such as Wii, PlayStation, and Xbox 360. GamePro also gives valuable information about games that are commonly played on personal computer and mobile devices.

Game Informer

This magazine publishes articles related to the video gaming industry. It gives relevant information to the gamers particularly on various game strategies, reviews, previews, and more. There are a lot of exciting freebies that await the subscribers and readers get a Power Up Rewards Pro card on subscription.

PC Gamer

One of the popular video game magazines available in print. PC Gamer has various regional editions, but the best selling editions are that of the USA and UK. The magazine mainly focuses on the latest development in video gaming industry. It provides reviews about the latest popular games. It also gives relevant inputs about hardware mods.


The magazine contains news about multi-format video and computer games. The Edge is liked by the gaming fraternity for its editorial, industry contacts, and exquisite writing style. Edge is one of the longest running game magazines and are favorite of the gamers.

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