Top things to learn from gaming

Top things to learn from gaming

What are the lessons for the rest of us? Three basic propositions underlie the gamers’ decision-making process, and these ideas are already on their way to your market and your products and services and if they’re not already there.


The best and smartest games let the users set the effective price of each session or game each time they play. Some days it’s a little bit and some days it’s a bundle. The point is that the customer is in control. Your pricing strategy needs to incorporate and demonstrate the same kind of flexibility.


The best and smartest games let the users decide how much or little they want to spend each time they play. Some days it’s a lot of time or money (each being a material kind of a commitment) and some days it’s just a quick bit of time-killing. If you do things right, you can be all things to all people all of the time. But your products and services need to be accessible across a broad spectrum of pricing and consumer choices, not a simple set of fixed offerings.


The best and smartest games let the users decide on exactly how much the experience is worth to them each time they choose to play or continue to play. All the market research and pricing guidance in the world doesn’t compare to letting the customer determine the value of the experience. If your products or services provide real benefit and value, you will discover over time (and over the lifetime of a continued customer relationship) that your best customers will actually pay up for the right experiences rather than try to be bargain-basement buyers.

Focusing on the value of the experience is doubly significant because today no one under the age of 30 really cares about possession or, frankly, about owning anything. Everything is about utility and experience, social and sharing. Ownership (buying “stuff”) is a burden today, not simply because so much of the readily disposable technology we see and use every day is outmoded and obsolete in roughly the time it takes us to master it, but also because we would just as soon not assume the obligations and the commitments that come as part of the package.

I know that “one size, one model, one strategy” will never work for everyone, but one thing is true beyond question: Your best buyers will tell you that everything is better by the byte.

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