Top racing games for your smartphone

Who could’ve predicted an era where mobile communication devices would become so powerful? Nowadays, our smartphones (aptly called smart) have transcended their mere and mundane usage as communication devices. While writing this article, my mind immediately conjured up an image I saw on some social networking website. The image depicted 80’s era and appliances that were considered high-tech back. Gadgets like walkman music player, electronic calculator and last not least earliest Atari game console littered around! In stark contrast, the other portion of the image depicted today’s era with just a smartphone replacing all these.

Smartphones have become a viable gaming option on the go! They are now home to almost all genres of games one expects to find on consoles and any other mainstream gaming platform. Be it role playing games, horror survival games, first person shooters and my favorite car racing games! You’ll find it all specifically made for your smartphone.

Although there are many car racing games but Need for Speed franchise is a time honored and one of the most phenomenal games. No other game comes close to capturing the adrenaline rush and portraying the elements one might expect to experience during a high speed car pursuit better than these games.

It may not be open world but most wanted has all the ingredients that will get your pulse racing and heart throbbing. It’s the epitome of old school racing game. Having said that, the game makes full use of smartphone touch screen capabilities and bestows a lot more control over vehicle than simply speeding up and breaking. Players have the option to either use the tilt based control functionality to maneuver the vehicle or use the touch wheel option. Visually stunning and sleek, it contains the same quality visuals you’d find on its console version. There are a lot of micro transactions built in the game to avail the good content and upgrades, but I think overall it’s impressive and the nudge to make in game purchase doesn’t mar the overall experience.

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