Top gaming trends to look for

Top gaming trends to look for

It is no secret that the online gaming industry has experienced rapid growth recently. By 2016, the size of the global games market is forecasted to reach $86.1B. Gaming goes well beyond the consoles and the great innovations in the industry like cloud gaming, virtual reality, and mobile devices have entered the market in a big way. Gaming is already huge, and it is getting bigger with mobile gaming primed to lead the whole industry. It is the norm that with each passing day, new patterns and evolutions of old ones, all of which lead the way into the future.

These are the best gaming trends to watch out for in the market:


Revenue from mobile gaming is predicted to surpass console gaming. Games are the most popular apps on smartphones, and developers need to plan for this. Smartphones and tablets, with help from social media apps, are changing the demographics of gamers. The audience is broadening to include more young gamers and more females, also known as mom gamers.

Free to play

The Free-to-play (F2P) model is becoming popular and free game distribution provides a marketing and business approach for developers and publishers to monetize games. With so many entertainment products available, F2P helps attract new gamers and allows them to try new things with zero commitment to buy and people can pay absolutely nothing and still enjoy the game.


In the days of yore, games were purchased in a box from a retailer and played at home by yourself. When a new game was released, it marked the finish line for development and management. Today, most games are delivered digitally and are available in a multiplayer format. Games as a Service, or cloud gaming, allows gaming compaies to provide regular updates, including new content, events or options for downloadable content


The popularity of video games as a spectator sport has grown dramatically in the past two years. Esports fuse the multiplayer game experience with real-world physical sports, and attract large sponsors including Red Bull and Coke. Professional gamers are earning a comfortable living through competitive careers. Four game franchises have now had Esports events with a prize pool of more than $1M: League of Legends, DoTA2, Call of Duty and SMITE.

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