Top gaming keyboards to use

The right gaming keyboard ultimately comes down to the right feel while you are playing. The keyboard is the peripheral you will spend the most time with at your personal computer, and it has to feel right. The design and features available in the keyboards makes the gamers play the game more efficiently and in a better way.

Given are the best gaming keyboards to look for.

Corsair Vengeance K70

Corsair’s media keys don’t require any external software and the textured aluminum volume slider in the top right. play and pause, stop, forward, and rewind all work natively with apps such as spotify, foobar2000, and iTunes. The Corsair Vengeance K70 uses red LEDs for backlighting. You can set three brightness levels with on-board controls, as well as changing lighting on an individual key level.

Cooler Master Storm Quickfire Rapid

Cooler Master’s backlighting is nice and bright, and the QuickFire Rapid includes a few different modes to use it. You can control brightness through the function keys, or set an echo mode that lights each key as you press it. The tenkeyless version still uses full-size keys and comes with brown or red switches more ideal for gaming along with the standard blue.


The WASD V2 keyboard is fully customizable, and WASD gives you lots of options when you order. The choices are impressive, from the font used on your keys to using DVORAK instead of QWERTY, even down to what OS logo you want on your OS system key. You can even upload your own layout file to further customize the keyboard.

Razer Anansi MMO

The Razer Anansi MMO includes five configurable keys on the left hand side, labeled M1 to M5, as well as seven additional media-like buttons below the spacebar that are easy to reach with your thumb. The Razer’s software is easy to use for lighting and binding control for the avid games to use.

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