Top gaming headsets to buy

Audio is one of those categories where there’s very little barrier to entry and a nearly limitless ceiling. It’s also extremely subjective, so what sounds great to one person may sound terrible to another. In case of video gamer, getting the best sound is inevitable to their success as a gamer.

Given are the best gaming headsets that you can get your hands on.

V-Moda Crossfade M100s

The V-Moda Crossfade M100s are a special beast. Their design was crowdsourced by hundreds of notoriously discerning audiophiles, and it shows. Every piece, every element has a clear thought and purpose behind it. The chassis is made from rugged steel that can stand up to all but the most extreme punishment. Both ear cups have a port for the audio cable, allowing you to swap which side you wear your mic, or giving you a backup port if do manage to break one.

Kingston Hyper X Cloud 2

Massive 53mm drivers, comfort, cross-compatibility with other gaming platforms and the list goes on. Sound is complex and bright without losing any details, and if you’re a fan of virtual surround, Kingston supports that with an included USB-connected soundcard. The mic is detachable, and our teammates could hear us perfectly during our tests. The companion sound card also helps clarity on both ends by automatically boosting chat volume when the game gets louder, and providing noise cancellation so your friends only hear what they need to.

Creative Sound Blaster Tactic3D Rage

The Tactic3D Rage carries Creative’s solid pedigree. With the Creative name comes an arsenal of software enhancements that help set the Tactic3D apart, especially at this price level. The SBX suite gives you options to toggle virtual surround and bass boost for those that love heavy lows. The SBX Crystallizer is the star here, though. It uses algorithms to enhance some audio detail lost during compression.

Turtle Beach Ear Force X12

the Ear Force X12 from Turtle Beach is one of the most affordable headsets around, and it’s just about impossible to find something that will give you more for your money. Turtle Beach impresses out of the gate with several excellent features like inline volume control and a mic monitor. The latter of which is a stand-out feature, letting you hear yourself through the headphones so you don’t end up accidentally screaming into the mic.

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