Top gaming characters worldwide

Top gaming characters worldwide

Since barging out of the arcade and into our homes, video gaming has been responsible for the introduction of many popular characters. Ranging from the comical to the curvy, these digitized creations have made their way into popular culture in the form of merchandising, TV, Film and even music. From humble beginnings in which gaming characters were seen as ‘geeky’, they have since gone on to be some of the most instantly recognizable images, and have become responsible for the promotion of mainstream products as well as the commercial success of the hardware they were designed for.


As gaming has moved on, it has become increasingly hard to create a new, sustainable gaming super character. Gamers want violence, they want fast paced action and they want customisation, things which don’t lend themselves well to one set, cute character. Enter Sackboy.


The overall impact that Pac Man (the character) has had on modern popular culture is perhaps immeasurable. Even today, TV Shows can pay reference to him safe in the knowledge that all who hear it will instantly understand. The game itself was used as a Google title page, and Pac-Man arcade cabinets still retail for hundreds of pounds on eBay. A true great of the gaming world.

Sonic The Hedgehog

As Sega became one if the most dominant forces in gaming during the 90’s, the influence the blue hedgehog had was immense, with many copycat games popping up both on Sega consoles and rival hardware. Even in 2014, young gamers can identify and relate to the character, a trait that makes him a true gaming icon.


The Italian plumber first made his gaming debut as ‘Jump Man’ in the 1981 classic Donkey Kong, going by his own name in the 1982 update, Donkey Kong Junior. When Nintendo released their first home console, the NES it was Mario in the flagship game, Super Mario Bros. that helped sell the console, and the rest is history.

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