Top games for preschoolers

In the present times, there are various choices available for the preschoolers to enjoy the growing gaming tools that are all over the market. It gives an impact on the toddlers by enhancing their learning and mental growth patterns in an organized and fast pace unlike in the earlier times.

Meet Blue’s Baby Brother

Meet Blue’s Baby Brother touches on every essential preschool subject that a parent expects to be included in preschool games. Similar to the popular television show Blue’s Clues, Blue must collect three gold clues to solve a mystery. Your child will love the compelling storyline and educational activities in this pre-k game. Blue needs to figure out who his baby brother is and find him before the family party starts. Along the way, Blue and your preschooler will meet Sprinkles and teach him the alphabet, numbers and other preschool basics so he can earn his spots.

Sesame Street: Learn, Play & Grow

Learn, Play & Grow uses many of the same teaching methods as Sesame Street, but because of the interactive nature of the preschool games, the activities can be directed specifically toward your child’s educational needs. With a solid balance between math, reading, art, cognitive and social skills, Learn, Play & Grow will teach all the essential skills to prepare your child for school and give him an advantage in kindergarten.

Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom

Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom will teach your child an impressive range of essential preschool concepts. With a balanced range of preschool games focusing on mathematical skills, reading, arts and music, this software will teach advanced skills that will supplement your child’s learning beyond kindergarten. The game starts by explaining that a greedy king stole the crystals that gave color to the kingdom. Dora and your preschooler need to help Ally complete activities to get the colors back.

Barney: Secret of the Rainbow

Secret of the Rainbow of Barney is rich in arts and music, with activities that include coloring invitations, choosing costumes, dancing, and learning colors and shapes. Children will also learn important social skills, such as cleaning up trash and being friendly. Unfortunately, Barney does not focus on teaching some important skills that are necessary for children as they prepare to enter kindergarten. Number recognition, letter recognition and patterns are some of the basic topics left out of these preschool games.

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