Top children’s games to look for

Given are some of the best video games for the children’s to find in the market:

Disney Magical World

Disney’s take on the “Animal Crossing” formula features lots of activities in a magical world. Yes, the activities typically involve being a glorified gopher and doing errands for Disney characters but hey, at least your child will actually listen to someone who’s telling them to what do. Kids who love collecting in-game stuff and coordinating outfits will especially enjoy this one.

LEGO Batman 3

Beyond Gotham: Kids love LEGOs and the LEGO games are no exception. You can probably plug in any of the LEGO games that came out this year here but I think the quality of the LEGO Batman series is usually a notch above the rest of the LEGO games. Otherwise, alternatives from this year include LEGO The Hobbit and The LEGO Movie Videogame.

Pokemon Art Academy

Learning to draw different Pokemon is the obvious hook for this title. However, I really like this game for three reasons. One is that it directly encourages creativity in kids, which is rare in a video game. Two is that it actually teaches you real drawing techniques. Three is because your in-game classmate Lily is just hilarious. Just don’t blame me if it encourages your child to be a starving artist in the future.

Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel Super Heroes

I never, ever lined up for a Black Friday sale in my WHOLE life. That is, until this year so I could get a hugely discounted copy of this game’s starter pack for my niece, who really wanted the game. Man, I can still remember the weird smells from that line. Admittedly, getting extra toys can be expensive but the game’s Toy Box will be appreciated by any kid who likes Minecraft.

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