Things that gaming industry is talking about

Gaming industry is one of the biggest industries in the present times and is growing fast. The development of the technology and interest in this field has garnered huge scope and future for the gaming market. The gaming industry is going through developments and progressions happening in this field.

The things that gaming industry is talking about is shared with the readers.

Players create

Gamers would not just be watching development taking place in the future, they will be contributing too. It has been a vital part of the PC gaming scene, but player-generated content may be about to hit the console sector in a big way, leading to a new era in which developers are effectively able to outsource development of new content to dedicated fans.

Indies growing

Indie teams are now working with console platform holders and steam communities to create genuine crossover smashes. They are operating more like the mid-sized gaming studios aiming at mass audiences with highly polished titles.

Virtual reality

The arrival of virtual reality as a mass consumer phenomenon and there is already a vast development community, experimenting with the tech, ironing out some of the technical problems and forming the design conventions that will create brand new experiences.

Goes physical

Technologies are also becoming more affordable, possibly allowing the wider development and production of toys-to-life experiences and this allows the game to interact with an application, which tracks each move and shows it onscreen. Studios and developers are also looking into alternative ways to combine digital and physical play.

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