Impatient Gamers Play a Key Role in Accelerating Mobile Gaming Industry Growth

Impatient Gamers Play Key Role in Accelerating Mobile Gaming Industry GrowthThe mobile gaming industry has now become a multi-billion-dollar business thanks to the impatience of gamers who are highly addicted to games like Angry Birds, Candy Crush Saga and many others. Though the leading smartphone operating systems like Android and iOS offer free downloading for games, the developers may developers of the respective games may tempt gamers to pay in nominal amount to get some extra moves or obtain cheat codes to get fast to the next level. And gamers falling prey to such offers are the ones who have played a major role in expanding the mobile gaming industry at a lightening pace.

Developers like King Digital Entertainment, the maker of Candy Crush, looks at the business of developing games as highly lucrative and had even filed a request to launch IPO (Initial Public Offering) amounting to  whooping $500 million. The firm is planning to get listed on NYSE (New York Stock Exchange).

According to IHS, the freebies have indeed managed to pull in more money and the overall spending on such apps in 2013 have reached $16.5 billion. This is almost 60% rise as compared to the spending in 2012. At the current pace, the industry may grow double digit in the coming 3 to 5 years.

Mobile analyst Jack Kent of Britain said that, “The way the games are set up is that there is no real limit on how much someone will spend within a single game. You are encouraged to keep going back and spend more.”

Gartner’s consumer technology analyst Brian Blau said, “You either get the app for free or you pay a very low price. Then, the app hooks you, gets you interested. There is a certain amount of that addictive gambling type psychology about it but for the most part people just want to play the game. They like it.”

He added, “The surprise is that developers have figured out a way for some users to get that kind of money out of mobile apps. There is nothing tricky about it. The thing is that you want to play the game. There is a quality of the game that you like and that is what is causing you to do it. Are people impatient? Yes, I have to say that. Do they love playing games? The fact is, yes.”


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