How Can You Effectively Tackle Mobile Gaming Addiction?

Tackle Mobile Gaming Addiction

Getting rid of mobile gaming addiction has become extremely difficult these days, thanks to the countless games and apps available for free on platforms like Google Android’s Play Store and Apple iOS’s App Store. Moreover, handset manufacturers are constantly offering something new and innovative to buyers almost every month. This has increased the craze among buyers for purchasing latest models to stay connected with today’s technology.

Hence, you must get control over the habit well in time so that you can use your spare time and energy for a few other fruitful activities as well. At the same time, you must not put too many restrictions on yourself. Else, you will be more tempted to do what you are trying to avoid. How to make a middle way out? Read this…

4 brilliant ways to tackle mobile gaming addiction effectively

1. Do not download too many apps

One of the biggest reasons why you may be too much obsessed to playing games on your smartphone is your handset may be having too many of them. The more options you get, the more engaged you are likely to stay in playing for hours and hours together. The best way out is too restrict yourself to just one or two apps instead of having too many.

2. Play only during a specific time of the day

You can make more conscious efforts to get rid of the habit if you restrict yourself to playing only during a specific time of the day. This will mentally prepare you to avoid nurturing your addiction knowingly or unknowingly.

3. Engage yourself in some other fruitful activities

To divert your attention from the gaming zone, engage yourself in some other fruitful activities that interest you a lot. You can consider playing an outdoor game, reading books, dancing, listening to music etc.

4. Do not keep the smartphone with you always

It is wise to keep the handset in some other room when you are home. Keeping it in front of your eyes always will tempt you more to play repeatedly.


Try out these simple yet wise options to curb the addiction of smartphone gaming.


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