GameOn Pairs Up With Dutch Govt. to Finance Mobile-game Startups

GameOn Pairs Up With Dutch Govt. to Finance Mobile-game StartupsGameOn has decided to pair up with Dutch Government to finance mobile-game startups in Netherlands. The move came as an initiative to use early-stage investment as a ladder for the startups to grow fast and stable. The company has decided to pour in an investment fund of approximately $13.6 million or €10 million.

The funding clearly indicates the importance mobile gaming industry has gained in the recent times and its potential to help a country to grow economically. Finland has come up as an excellent example of how government’s funding to gaming industry can help the economy of the country. The Finnish Government has been investing in the industry since 1990s and has now succeeded in building around 180 game companies of its own. This has also generated as much as 3000 jobs for the country. Some of the leading companies here include Rovio, the developer of highly popular game Angry Birds, and Supercell, the developer of Clash of Clans. Netherlands too now wants to create such an example.

GameOn will be making a debut at a conference in Amsterdam called Casual Connect Europe. The main objective of the company is to boost gaming industry growth in Netherlands by investing in startup groups. It will invest primarily in the companies that have unique business plans and models. It wishes to work with companies in Netherlands who are into developmental stage and the ones who wish to establish their business in Holland.

Reinout te Brake, the founder member of GameOn, said, “The games industry is evolving rapidly, with games companies and infrastructure providers constantly tweaking their content and business models to get an edge in the grab of the elusive consumers. The industry is highly democratized, and the current distribution models and game development tools make it relatively easy and inexpensive for developers to launch games.”

He further said, “But as ‘free-to-play’ becomes the primary business model, developers also need a strong understanding of how first to get their games discovered and then how to monetize them successfully. We have a tremendous pool of talented and creative designers in the Netherlands, but they are mostly working for hire, and so, we need to learn and build on our games monetization knowledge.”

Mark Rutte, the Prime Minister of Netherlands, said, “Entertainment games are serious business and opportunity is knocking at our door. I’m therefore please to support the GameOn initiative, which reaffirms our country’s position as a pioneer in creativity and innovation.”


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