Best singleplayer games to look for

Hello Single Player gaming enthusiasts! We’re half-way through the Summer months in North America and headed towards the busy Fall. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any good releases to talk about for August. If your weather is anything like it’s been on the West Coast this year, there’s still plenty need to find ways to beat the heat and here are three strong August releases – in no particular order – that can help.

Until Dawn

Until Dawn began life as PS3 exclusive from UK-based developer Supermassive Games way back in 2012 with a projected 2013 release window. The game was purported to be a “teen horror” styled narrative with gameplay reminiscent of Heavy Rain. It was originally intended as a Playstation Move controller showcase piece, where you used the peripheral as a flashlight. Jumping ahead to Gamescom 2014, the game was re-revealed to have been completely remade exclusively for the PS4.

The title had dropped the Move emphasis and seemed destined for Project Morpheus territory. However, now the horror-survival title with more than a little bit of the film slasher genre influence nears release with what looks like standard controller support (Morpheus is still a little ways off). Players will need to play through the game multiple times in order to “reveal the full story” and each decision made has consequences that will effect later game sequences. The ultimate goal is to keep all eight characters alive. Keep an eye on this one and gamers outside of the U.S. should look for the extended and steelbook editions.

Gears of War Ultimate Edition

If you’d been paying attention, the Gears of War Ultimate Edition announcement at E3 2015 wasn’t too much of a shock – the remastered title was leaked a few months prior in April. However, E3 did provide a few intriguing facts. The first was in the visual department. The game looks pretty spectacular visually, heading towards full next-gen remake territory. The second surprise was that the game was already almost done — and here we are with the game releasing next month. The third surprise was for PC gamers, as the title was also announced for their platform and making use of the power available — less surprising was Microsoft later announcing that “Gears on Win10 is later than the Xbox One version”, with no firm date announced.

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