Best qualities of game designer

One of the most exciting professions in the present times is that of a video game designer. With the unprecedented growth of the gaming industry and the huge market equations that have come up in this field, the opportunities for the right person is huge.

Some of the best qualities that a game designer should have are discussed.

Knowing visual design

While design documentation can be important for communicating ideas and keeping development objectives synchronized, it’s often not something the rest of the team can decipher easily. To be most effective it should be concise, clear and visual. This applies for almost all types of design work, whether it be systems, behavior, scenarios or narrative.

Winning zeal

Having qualities of genuine humility and a drive to keep improving is a winning combination. This is a designer who relishes feedback and genuinely wants to see their ideas tested and challenged. Such an approach will not just improve the quality of the game but also foster a more collaborative spirit across the team.

Gaming knowledge

A designer who has the skills and motivation to make a game profitable as well as fun is ever more important. But this point also covers awareness of the marketplace. Designers who have a broad understanding of the games market and who are proactive in researching the areas relevant to their game, will be able to contribute in a much more meaningful way.

Understand players

This is about being totally comfortable designing for the needs of players, rather than one’s self. Designers with this trait will look for different ways to understand their target audience, to really get inside their heads, and use those insights to craft something great for their players.

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