Best puzzle games ever

Best puzzle games ever

Tile-matching video games are a type of puzzle video game where the player manipulates tiles in order to make them disappear according to a matching criterion. There are a great number of variations on this theme. Puzzle pieces advance into the play area from one or more edges, typically falling into the play area from above. Player must match or arrange individual pieces to achieve the particular objectives defined by each game. This genre of video game has always been preferred by the children as well as adults for its simplicity and different playing modes.

Given are the best puzzle game options in the market:


Tetris which was released on June 6, 1984, is a popular use of tetrominoes, the four-element special case of polyominoes. The game is available for nearly every video game console and computer operating system, as well as on devices such as graphing calculators, mobile phones, portable media players, PDAs, Network music players and even as an Easter egg on non-media products like oscilloscopes.


Clockwiser is a computer game, developed for the Amiga, DOS and Windows. It was published in 1994 by Rasputin Software. In 2008, a free online version of Clockwiser was released by the programmer responsible for the original DOS and Windows versions. In 2010, Clockwiser was released for Android. There are over hundred levels, which consist of various arrangements of blocks.

Diamond Crush

Diamond Crush is a puzzle game which was originally slated to be released worldwide before the end of 2006, totally for free on different PC operating systems in the Public Domain. Its development status is currently on hold. A First Playable Version, a sort of pre-alpha for offline multiplayer gaming only, is available for download onto the official game site, which isn’t currently maintained.


Lumines is a puzzle video game based on sound and light patterns. it is a block-dropping game where a 2×2 square that is made of four smaller block pieces is dropped into the playing field, which may appear different as the player advances through levels or skins. The small blocks that comprise the larger blocks will be one of two different colors.

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