Best online gaming sites

Best online gaming sites

The Internet is a virtual smorgasbord of awesome, time-consuming content to whittle away the long hours of the day. Originally the sole bastion of lame arcade remakes and goofy parodies, cyberspace is now a place of cutting-edge independent software and unbridled creativity. Whether you’re a sucker for a side-scrolling platformer or a fast-paced online shooter you can tackle with your friends. The online gaming world has a plethora of material for the avid gamers and it is expanding everyday and have very big opportunities in the future web world.

Given are the top websites for online gaming in the internet:

Addicting Games

The website has the most extensive category list of any of the sites on our roundup, incorporating categories for girls and cute shooters, but it’s also the most childish given the site is owned and operated by Nickelodeon. The Flash-based site has something for everyone, whether you want to button mash or engage in some side-scrolling madness, and even allows you to embed games on your personal blog or social network for greater integration.


Kongregate, now owned by the Gamestop Corporation, has been a staple of online gaming since it was first introduced in 2007. With almost 70,000 under its belt, the free-to-play site is burgeoning with a vast wealth of diverse games including shooters, role-playing, puzzle, action and online multiplayer. Although registration and signing up is free, users who opt for a premium membership ($30 annually) for exclusive access.


Candystand was launched in 1997 by, of all companies, Nabisco. Yeah, for whatever reason, people in the cookie business decided to get into the online gaming business, and it worked out! The site’s changed hands a couple times since the late ’90s, but Candystand remains a premier portal of free Flash and Shockwave games. Additionally, you can register a free account with Candystand, which lets you compete for trophies and other prizes with fellow gamers.


Newgrounds is one the best Flash-based game and animation sites on the Web. It hosts a great selection of games, from your stereotypical “action and adventure” genre to the more obscure simulation and adult-only titles, and can be specifically filtered by rating, popularity or content views. The forums are bustling and engaging, as is the user community and general, and the site even hosts monthly contests for gaming and animation creators.

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