Best gaming apps for iPhone

Best gaming apps for iPhone

With so many iPhone games out there, and more coming out all the time, it can be tough to know what titles you should check out. These are the games that everyone should know about. Don’t leave home without them!


Threes has inspired so many clones and copycats that few realize the design debt owed to the original game, a delightful number puzzle with surprising complexity under the hood. You have follow some rules if you need a hand increasing your score.

Geometry Wars 3

Geometry Wars 3 only just came out for the iPhone and iPad, but already it’s rocketed into my list of all-time favorites. The thumb-maneuvering required makes it a good fit for the iPhone’s size, and the soundtrack adds a thumping, heart-pulsing backbeat to any boring commute or waiting room. Many folks saw Geometry Wars 3 as a disappointment when it came out for consoles and computers last year, but the iPhone’s touch controls and screen size make it a perfect fit for the game’s mechanics and overall vibe.

Crossy Road

Like Threes, Crossy Road has a handful of admiring imitators, but none compare to the original: a free game that sustains itself by selling cute character skins via no-pressure micro-transactions. Helping each of these colorful animals cross the road will require expert timing and patience; rounds are short, so it’s great for on-the-go playtime.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout

It continues the upward trajectory for Gameloft’s Call of Duty-esque first-person shooter series, with tighter controls and a unified levelling system that merges solo and multiplayer rewards. The single-player campaign is more flash than substance and the recent switch to free-to-play gives big spenders a big edge in multiplayer, but mobile FPSs don’t come better.

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