Best game engines available

Best game engines available

If playing games is exciting then making these games is even more thrilling ! Over the times, with the development of the gaming industry and its association with the IT sector has harnessed new technologies which shape the modern face of video-game industry worldwide. In the recent times, there are many tools available for both gamers and game designers in the market. The software make designing gaming platforms more easy and systematic. it has helped in developing an entire range of professionals who look after the different aspects of the product.

Some of the top game engines available in the market are:


An old and one of the most used game-engines in the market, the Unreal is a product of the Epic games. Many popular games among users like Zeno Clash, Infinity Blade, Killing Floor, Unreal Tournament were made in this very engine and it has specific editions for the different famous gaming consoles like Xbox and PlayStation.


It is one of the most popular multi-platform game creating engines in the market. Initially made only for Apple users, it has now covered other systems. Working for almost all devices, it provides the latest technological features for the game developers. They have recently released the Unity 5 versions as a freemium for getting user feedbacks.


The Ubisoft favorite CryEngine is developed by  Crytek group. The first development tool was known as Sandbox Editor which was later modified to mmet the latest 3D standards in the gaming industry. The company has released the 4th installation of their product which supports open-source technologies like Linux and has top games under its belt.

App Game Kit

With the different gaming consoles, mobile gaming has seen overwhelming growth in the present times thanks to the smartphone phenomenon. The App Game Kit is making real headways in the recent times among the game lovers and gaming professionals and developers. Though primarily built for mobile, it supports other devices like PC and Tablets.

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