Best educational games ever

Best Educational games ever

Educational video games are applications which attempt to teach the user using the game as a vehicle. Most of these types of games target young user from the ages of about three years to mid-teens. Numerous subgenres exist, each for a different field such as math games, typing games and so on and gaining huge popularity in the market owing to its content and the growth of the digital medium in the present times at an unprecedented method. it is slowly gaining good customer base in the market with the new industry policies in this sector and o0ther technological advancements.

Given are the details about some of the top educational games available:

The ClueFinders

The ClueFinders is a series of educational software aimed at children aged eight to twelve. The series is produced by The Learning Company as a counterpart to their Reader Rabbit series for older elementary-aged students. It includes Joni Savage, Santiago Rivera, Owen Lam and Leslie Clark. The kids are accompanied on all their adventures by LapTrap, an anthropomorphic laptop computer who floats in the air. Although it is often spelled as Clue Finders, Cluefinders or Clue-Finders.

Blaster Learning System

The Blaster Learning System is an educational video game series originally created by Davidson, but is now owned by Knowledge Adventure. Titles in the series have been produced for various computer systems, video game consoles, and as stand-alone handheld units. Originally, the series simply taught mathematics, but eventually expanded to other subjects, such as language arts such as reading and science.

Food Force

Food Force is an educational game published by the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) in 2005. Due to its content, it is considered a serious game which is used for educational purpose. Players take on missions to distribute food in a famine-affected country and to help it to recover and become self-sufficient again. At the same time they learn about hunger in the real world and the WFP’s work to prevent it.


Virtonomics is a massively multiplayer online, turn-based, persistent, browser-based, business simulation game developed by Gamerflot Trading, published by UAB Marilana and launched in 2009. At the end of 2013, the game had over a million registered players. About 40% of users are casual gamers, and 60% of users use the game to learn the basics of business management.

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