Android Version of the Game ‘QuizUp’ Launched

Android Version of the Game ‘QuizUp’ LaunchedFinally, the highly popular trivia game ‘QuizUp’ has made its way to the Android world. The hot favorite social gaming application was launched on Thursday and is available on Google’s PlayStore. The game is unique in a way that it allows you to compete head-to-head with your friends or other users using the app and you can test your knowledge on a variety of topics.

The game was developed by Plain Vanilla Games, a company in Iceland. Its founder and Chief Executive Officer Thor Fridriksson said, “QuizUp is a hybrid between a game and a social network, that’s why having a broad audience is important to us. Getting it on Android now is a great relief for us because we’ve had very angry Android users for some time asking us about this.”

Mr. Fridriksson further added that the company had started working on the Android version of the game long-time back, even before the launch of the game on iOS. But it took time to come up with a version for the Google OS mainly due to the complex nature of the platform and limited resources of the company.

The iOS variant of the app was launched in November 2013 and has been quite popular since then on App Store of Apple’s iOS.  As of today, at least 10 million users have registered for the game. Also, the game has been played at least a billion times since its launch last year.

The company now aims at launching the app in different regional languages so as to increase its subscriber base. It does not want to stick to only English language anymore. Mr. Fridriksson said, “QuizUp is a game that is really language dependent. We’re now embarking on this huge task of not only translating the app into other major languages but we’re also localizing the content to other major territories.”


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