4 Big Reasons Why Mobile Games Addiction is Bad for You

Reasons Why Mobile Games Addiction is Bad for YouGetting too much addicted to mobile games may gradually put a negative impact on your overall pattern of lifestyle. It may not just affect your physical or mental health but also disturb your monthly expenses pattern in a variety of ways. No wonder more and more fitness experts and psychologists recommend playing cellphone games in proper limits.

Game developers play a lot of tricks to keep users engaged in their app and earn them a good chunk of revenue. With the widely used operating systems like Android and iOS, more and more users have started spending a considerable part of their day in playing games on their handsets. Hence, it is important to know the bad side of this habit. Read on to know this…

4 big reasons why mobile games addiction is bad for you

1. Distracts you from your routine work

Once you get engaged into playing mobile games, you may not remember to carry out other important tasks you may have included in your daily schedule. Even if you do remember, you may not spend as much time and attention as needed to complete those tasks as you may be tempted more to complete them as soon as possible and get back to the play. Such distraction may hamper your performance over time.

2. Decreases overall productivity

As mentioned earlier, the addiction may very well hamper your performance over time. it not just consumes considerable time of your daily schedule but also restricts you indirectly from doing tasks that are much more important. This can decrease your overall productivity over time.

3. May impact sleeping habits

Playing too much can impact your sleeping habits as well. You may constantly think about earning more and more points and thus, sacrifice your sleeping time just to add some more minutes or even hours to your play time. This can impact health badly over time.

4. Makes you spend beyond budget

You may have to shell out bucks to download or register for a specific game. Some games also require you to spend a nominal amount to play higher levels or earn extra points or lives. The addiction may tempt you to spend without giving a second thought and thereby disturb your monthly or weekly budget for sure.


Hence it is wise to play games only up to a certain limit and think thrice before spending even a single buck.


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