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Best adventure games ever

Best adventure games ever

The video games which have mostly loyal fans are the adventure games. The history of the real adventure video games can be traced to the early 1980s. During this decade, the games slowly evolved into a storyline with characters and were gaining a commercial marketplace. The theme that is generally followed in these type of games were exploration strategy and puzzle-solving.

Given are the list of the top adventure video games:

Gabriel Knight

It is an old adventure video game which was developed by Sierra On-Line in the 90s. The game is part of an interesting storyline and later developed into many series on different story structure. The video game was also later an inspiration for novels. The game is currently held by Activision for rights and characters like Gabriel Knight and Dr, John are still popular.

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

The video game is part of the famous adventure film series Indiana Jones and was developed by LucasArts. It started a new form of game playing techniques and had plots where the protagonists engaged in many different pursuits. The popularity of the video games later helped to start comic series by famous artists Elaine Lee and  Lee Marrs.

The Walking Dead

A relatively new video game which is the product of Telltale Games, The Walking Dead in a modern interactive game where the many episodes are written by famous writers. The characters of the game make it very exciting and has made into many magazines and have been even awarded as the Game of the Year by some of those publications.

Broken Sword

It is a product of the famous gaming firm Revoltion Software. The video game Broken Sword which first came to the customers in the final stages of the last century had very good interactive features which are still available along with several upgradations over the year. The popular names like George Stobbart and Nicole Collard are still famous among loyal gamers.

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Best arcade games ever

Best arcade games ever

The age of arcade games is often referred as the golden age of gaming. The establishment of arcade game saw a craze among kids and teenagers and saw heavy crowd in public places where there were installed. From the early 1920s to the late 1980s, there saw an influx of arcade games in various types and themes. They gradually developed taking the shape of the modern day video games, playstation and XBox.

Some of the popular arcade games are given:


The creation of Tōru Iwatani, Pac-Man was developed by Namco and Atari. A renowned classic game, it inspired other space shooting games like Space Invaders and Asteroids. A part of the popular culture of the 1980s, Pac-Man was popular among people of all ages was further developed as a video game and was part of hit television series.

Space Invaders

Released a little earlier than Pac-Man, it was initially from Tomohiro Nishikado. The most popular video arcade game ever, Space Invaders has influenced an entire generation and became part of the culture with music, popular television series like Futurama and also books written on this famous arcade game.

Star Wars

Star Wars was released in the year 1983 and was the brainchild of Mike Hally. This arcade game was hugely popular among video gamers and had mark resemblance to the iconic movie. Owing to its huge popularity, home versions of the game was developed for computer and has got many world records among its players.


The arcade game had close resemblance to the Star Wars and jointly designed by Lyle Rains and Ed Logg. One of the earliest proponents of vector game, Asteroids was also known as the flying saucers game. Other popular arcade games like Gravitar and Defender were hugely influenced from this popular space shooting arcade game.

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Best mobile gaming companies

Best mobile gaming firms

Gaming is becoming one of the biggest industries in the coming years. According to study, the total market share is estimated at 2.3 trillions and has huge growth prospects. With the development of smartphone industry, mobile gaming is going through an unprecedented research phase and ultimate gaming thrill for the gamers. The new market has seen many big and old players vying for place in this sunshine industry.

These are some of the best mobile gaming companies:


One of the biggest android gaming developing company, Gameloft is the maker of ground-breaking games like Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto. This France-based firm has a market share of more than $ 100 billion. The company makes gaming platforms and consoles along with mobile gaming applications and won consecutive IGN Game Awards.


This Angry Birds maker created a sensation not only in the mobile market but also among the gaming fraternity. It has over 200 million revenue as stated by the company and has started Rovio Stars and Rovio Mobile. They have also published many more exciting games which have gained popularity like Word Monsters and Tiny Thief .

EA Sports

An old gaming company, EA sports has entered the mobile arena with the EA Mobile apps. It flagship products like FIFA, NBA Live and NHL have also come in mobile versions and have equal acceptance among the users. Need for Speed and many monopoly games have helped to maintain EA customers loyal to the company.


The king in the sector of freemium games – Supercell has seen enormous growth in the recent times and its revenue collection statistics of over 2 million is a testimony to it. Mobile games like Clash of Clans, Hay Day and Boom Beach are still the favorite among the mobile gamers across the country and Supercell has many surprises in the coming years.

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Best mobile games in 2015

Best mobile games in 2015

Mobile gaming will become one of the biggest industry in the coming years. In the gaming sector, the mobile gaming section is gaining in manifold. According to a survey, the market share in the gaming sector will be increasing to $40.9bn by 2017.

The best mobile games in the market in 2015 in different categories is presented here:

Sports: Real Racing 3

The best sports game in the free sector. The game has around 11 levels and dozen of really awesome supercars. The sound and ambiance is really exciting and the thrill of playing racing gamers with excitement and pure adrenaline rush can be experienced to the tee. It is one of the most realistic games in the mobile section ever.

Adventure: Minecraft

The best adventure game of the year, minecraft is gaining excessive popularity in the present days. The pocket edition which is available at a nominal fees of $7. The scope of this game is really amazing as you can transform platform totally at one go. The challenges with monsters and others are becoming better with every release.

Strategy: Clash of Clans

One of the favorite game for the mobile users. It is one of the most advanced games in this sector. The separate units like wizards, barbarians, dragons takes gaming to the next level. There are different playing and the makers are constantly updating the game to suit modern gamers and add new ones with new upgradations.

Platform: Rayman

The visuals and the background makes rayman a class in its own right. The game is best enjoyed not only in smartphone but also in other mobile devices such as ipad. The gaming specifications are nice and can be enjoyed by users from all ages. The modes from easy to hard takes enough practice to master and is a real fun to play.

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4 Cool PC Sports & Adventure Games

Dayz_gameYear 2014 was a great year for games of every genre, ranging from action, adventure, simulation, puzzles and strategy. Here are some popular games across genres:

1. Project CARS: One of the most eye-catching features of the game is the life-like graphics, the impressive simulation of the race atmosphere, right from the tracks to the soundtrack. Project CARS allows you to choose from over 35 locations. You can change the settings to race either at day or night, adjust the weather, etc.

2. DayZ: A theme that is popular with game addicts all over, zombies, apocalypse and an island that can be explored for its dark terrain, DayZ is a gaming phenomenon for the dedication tha0t has been put into the details. The best thing about the game is the multi-player format. About 40 players can engage in the game even as they hunt for food, search for medical supplies, check gas stations, military bases and airports for anything useful they can find. Players will soon find out that the most dangerous of all elements are human beings. An entertaining, engaging game.

3. Top Spin 4:  There are several tennis simulation games that recreate the entire set up well, but Top Spin 4 allows you into the middle of the action, like no other tennis PC game does. The game is playable at all levels, by all age groups, thanks to the skill levels and other additions.

4. NBA 2K12: The game makers has an incredible number of modes, allowing great leverage for the basketball fan. Pitting legendary players against each other in unbelievable star-studded matches is another highlight of this impressive set up.

4 Groovy Smartphone Games

67-353602_1The smartphone got its name because it can offer you a host of features apart from surfing the Internet or just connecting with your near and dear ones. Gaming on smartphones is a popular pastime.

Among the crowd of games that are on offer, we have compiled here a list of some really cool games for your entertainment.

Angry Birds: Apart from the usual sling shot that sends the birds floating like live cannons and toppling a host of pigs, there are extra elements in this game that adds flavor and spunk to an endearing game format. Instead of just birds sacrificing themselves, there are also swords flying around for the kill. You are sure to spend hours on this.

Spider-Man Unlimited: A superhero who is full of lots of running and swinging is strangely therapeutic and cathartic for the cheap thrills. There is a narrative running around the game that adds to its interest level. Green Goblin is among the group of formidable villains who add luster to the game.

Hearthstone : A card game that is based on the Heroes of Warcraft series, this one has a simple format and a easy set of rules. You would never have thought that a theme-based card game would be so much fun.

The Walking Dead: High-end graphics complement the game and adds to the doomed world of scary zombies and catastrophic setting. Warding off monsters have rarely looked this real.