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Best party games ever

Best party games ever

Online multiplayer gaming is fine and dandy, but playing with friends and family all together in one room has always been way more fun. And if you’re looking to add a little participatory entertainment after everyone has finished their serving of turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie next week, these favorite party-friendly video games can get everyone in on the action…and maybe even off the couch! These form of gaming is gaining much acceptance among the younger generation because of the fun element attached to it and has many multiple player system.

These are the top party video games to enjoy with everyone:

Game & Wario

Buy it on a disc for the Wii and get Battleship, Boggle, Connect Four, Sorry!, Sorry! Slider and Yahtzee. Or, if you have an Xbox 360, download the Family Game Night hub for free and cherry pick your favorite titles – available individually for 800 MS Points. Most of the titles are faithful adaptations, Yahtzee arguably the best.

Mario Party

It is a party video game series featuring Mario franchise characters in which four human- or computer-controlled characters compete in a board game interspersed with minigames. The series was developed by Hudson Soft and published by Nintendo; the arcade version was developed by Capcom. The series is known for its party game elements, including the often-unpredictable multiplayer modes that allow play with up to four human players.

Rayman Raving Rabbids

Rayman Raving Rabbids is a spinoff in the Rayman series released by the company Ubisoft as a Wii launch title. The game consists of 75 minigames. The game is primarily designed with the Wii Remote in mind, but is also available on Game Boy Advance, PlayStation 2, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo DS, and Xbox 360. Releases for PlayStation 3 and PSP of the game were planned, but were later cancelled for unknown reasons, making it the only game in the series that was released for the PlayStation 2.

Crash Boom Bang!

Crash Boom Bang! is the first game to be released exclusively for the Nintendo DS, and the second party game of the series, after Crash Bash. The game’s story centers on a multi-millionaire who uses the characters of the series to unearth a powerful object. The game has received largely negative reception from reviewers, who criticized it for having unoriginal, dull gameplay and poor controls.

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Best board games ever

Best board games ever

Many popular board games and card games have computer versions. AI opponents can help improve one’s skill at traditional games. Chess, Checkers, Othello which is also known as Reversi, and Backgammon have world class computer programs. Mah-jongg and related games are immensely popular in China and Japan. Go is popular in East Asia, though it is infamously difficult to program a computer to play Go well. Magic: The Gathering has had computer versions for some time, most notably Magic: The Gathering Online.

Given is the list of the best board video games to play:

Hasbro’s Family Game Night

Buy it on a disc for the Wii and get Battleship, Boggle, Connect Four, Sorry!, Sorry! Slider and Yahtzee. Or, if you have an Xbox 360, download the Family Game Night hub for free and cherry pick your favorite titles – available individually for 800 MS Points. Most of the titles are faithful adaptations, Yahtzee arguably the best.


Scrabble had a rough start on both the web and mobile platforms. Scrabbulous wasn’t just the first successful Scrabble clone on Facebook, but the first successful game. And Word With Friends wooed up iPhone scrabblers with a low cost of entry and excellent multiplayer functionality. So with iPad, the Scrabble team had to strike with a truly impressive product, not just some inchoate code to be fixed in future updates. Fair to say, Scrabble for iPad delivers with beautiful graphics and the particularly creative use of Bluetooh, transforming available iPhones into players’ tile racks.


Uno for XBLA, a digital adaptation of the popular children’s card game, never planned to pioneer internet exhibitionism, but as one of the first games compatible with the Xbox Live Camera, fell into the role. The ability to capture your image then share it with playmates was, to put it correctly. For young families we recommend the game, its just as fun as playing with a deck of cards. But maybe play it offline.

Chessmaster Live

Chessmaster Live serves as a chess tutor, an Elo rating booster and a PvP matchmaker. It is a true all levels title. No surprise though, Chessmaster has a history of Chess hits (as much as a Chess game has ever been a “hit”.) If you’re a console gamer, Chessmaster Live is your home. And hey, if you need something on the go, try Deep Green for iPhone.

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Best fighting games ever

Best fighting games ever

A shooter game focuses primarily on combat involving projectile weapons, such as guns and missiles. They can be divided into 2D, first-person and third-person shooters, depending on the camera perspective. Some first-person shooters use light gun technology. The fast-paced and 3D elements required to create an effective looking FPS made the genre technologically unattainable for most consumer hardware systems until the early 1990s. Wolfenstein 3D was the first widely known FPS, and Doom was the first major breakthrough in graphics.

These are some of the top shooter games to try out:

Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat is a video game franchise originally developed by Midway Games’ Chicago studio in 1992. Following Midway’s bankruptcy, the Mortal Kombat development team was acquired by Warner Brothers and turned into NetherRealm Studios. Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment currently owns the rights of the series and rebooted it in 2011.

Body Blows

Body Blows is an Amiga versus fighting game. It was released in 1993 by Team 17.[1] The game is compatible with all Amiga systems, including the CDTV system with joystick support.[citation needed] It was followed by Body Blows Galactic and Ultimate Body Blows. A version for DOS was also released. The game has a lot of similarities to Street Fighter II, for example, both had two characters with projectile, rising uppercut and spinning kick special moves and played identically.

The Rumble Fish

The Rumble Fish is a 2D fighting game developed by Dimps and first published by Sammy for the Atomiswave arcade platform in 2004, and was later ported by Sega to the Sony PlayStation 2 on March 17, 2005. A sequel, The Rumble Fish 2, has since been developed.

Dangerous Streets

Dangerous Streets is a fighting game developed by Micromania and released by Flair Software for the Amiga, Amiga CD32 and PC DOS platforms in 1994.Like most other games in the fighting genre, Dangerous Streets offers two-payer battles, single matches against the computer, and a tournament mode and had really exciting characters.

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Best shooter games ever

Best shooter games ever

A shooter game focuses primarily on combat involving projectile weapons, such as guns and missiles. They can be divided into 2D, first-person and third-person shooters, depending on the camera perspective. Some first-person shooters use light gun technology. The fast-paced and 3D elements required to create an effective looking FPS made the genre technologically unattainable for most consumer hardware systems until the early 1990s. Wolfenstein 3D was the first widely known FPS, and Doom was the first major breakthrough in graphics.

These are some of the top shooter games to try out:


Doom (typeset as DOOM in official documents) is a 1993 science fiction horror-themed first-person shooter (FPS) video game by id Software. It is considered one of the most significant and influential titles in the video game industry, for having ushered in the popularity of the first-person shooter genre. and the original game is divided into three nine-level episodes.

Shoot ‘em up

Shoot ‘em up (also known as shmup or STG) is a subgenre of the shooter genre of video games. In a shoot ‘em up, the player character engages in a lone assault, often in a spacecraft or aircraft, shooting large numbers of enemies while dodging their attacks.The genre’s origins can be traced back to Spacewar! and were popular throughout the 1980s and early 1990s.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon

In the series, the player is in charge of a fictional, newly conceived squad of U.S. Army Special Forces soldiers from Delta Company, 1st Battalion, 5th Special Forces Group (5th SFG) stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Except for the “1st Battalion, 5th SFG” designation, this unit is entirely fictional, as Special Forces Battalions currently only support three Companies (A, B and C) who are often referred to as “the Ghosts”.

Virtua Cop

Virtua Cop (known as Virtua Squad for the North American Windows version) is a first-person lightgun shooter arcade game created by Sega AM2 and headed by Yu Suzuki. Its original incarnation was an arcade game in 1994 and it was later ported to the Sega Saturn in 1995 and Microsoft Windows in 1997. The Saturn version included support for both the Virtua Gun and Saturn mouse, as well as a new “Training Mode” which consists of a randomly generated shooting gallery.

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Best racing games ever

Best racing games ever

Racing games are considered one of the most exciting form of video games in the modern era. This age is considered as the time of speed and with the unprecedented growth of technology in terms of simulation in video games and the development of audio and video tools, the racing sector of this industry has seen a sharp increase in the number of new gamers and all top gaming solutions companies are trying out their luck by releasing their own version of racing games in the market. This is one domain in the gaming sector which promises of great future:

Given are some of the top racing games in the market:

Mario Kart

This is one of the most popular video game with a large following among both teenagers and children. Asa part of the highly successful mario franchise, this game was developed by the famous Nintendo group and released in the year 1992 as Mario Kart series and has till now been successful in taking pout 8 versions for the customers.

Forza Horizon

Forza Horizon is one of most successful racing games in the market. This game which was published by the Microsoft Studios is known to be developed by Turn 10 Studios and Playground Games in the year 2012. It is part of the video game console of Xbox 360 and also a sequel version of it released for the gaming enthusiasts and has some of the most amazing and powerful cars in the game.

Need for Speed

This is considered the biggest name in this domain and boasts of a huge number of following among the gaming fraternity and also has high sales records. This decade video game is known to have been developed by several gaming studios over the years and published by the Electronic Arts company and also have inspired a film.

Grid Autosport

This high-level racing game is the product of Codemasters in the year 2014 and can be played by gamers in multiple platforms like Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation and Linux. With really exciting gaming features which provides latest cars with different types of tracks take gaming experience for the users to a whole new level.

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Best simulation games ever

Best simulation games ever

This genre of video games have been regarded among the difficult ones  in the gaming circles. It is considered as a much evolved form of gaming and has the best players fighting for supremacy in the game. Simulation in video gaming consists of advanced level of gaming and give the users the best real life experience in order to let the users enjoy the game to the hilt. This type of gaming involves very different tactics that involves role playing in business and war kind of games in order to train the gamers in the best virtual mode.

These are some of the best simulation games available:


This high level game was made in the middle of the 1990s by computer scientist Steve Grand. This provided a different form of gaming experience as it involved the many stages in a persons life. The popularity of the game inspired to make many later versions including the Creatures Online which was available in the year 2013 and this game was played in multiple platforms.


The Wolf is considered a much evolved form of video game, which was developed by Manley and Associates in the year 1994 and added a new perspective to simulation gaming in the industry. This gameplan of this unique type of game is designed in a way to give real-life simulation characteristics for the players in a much natural environment.


One of the most popular simulation games that are available for the avid gamers, the SimCity which was later released in many more versions was initially launched in the year 1989 by the Maxis Infogrames. This game gives the users a form of real life simulation that can attached with living in a big city involving residential, commercial and industrial zones and making the players face the natural calamities.


eRepublik is a different form of game where the users are given a different gaming environment of new world as was initially developed by George Lemnaru and Alexis Bonte. This game which is known to have many multiplayer options and is considered a very favorite online gaming option for the users.

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Best action games ever

Best action games ever

In the time when most of the action films in Hollywood are doing excellent business and breaking records in the box office in terms of revenue and viewership. The advancement of technology has also helped greatly to introduce path-breaking visual and effects into the movies which are used to exaggerate the action sequences within the film. Over the few decades, the gaming industry has worked in synonymous with the film fraternity and has worked as perfect platform for inspiration for the either item to give the best experience to the consumers.

Given is the list of top action games in  market:

Grand Theft Auto

This is over a decade old game which have shot to fame with the path-breaking action sequences along with an enthralling storyline that is synonymous with blockbuster movies. The Grand Theft Auto is developed by Rockstar Games. Robert Davi, Ray Liotta, Burt Reynolds, Steve Scott and  Jenna Jameson are well known characters from the game.


Minecraft was initially developed in the year in 2011 by Mojang. The game is the brainchild of Markus Persson and had seen many modifications in the later versions. With the growth of the portable digital devices like smartphones, this game has garnered much popularity in the recent times and has available in PlayStation and Xbox platform.

Call of Duty

On of the most popular video games in the industry and which is known to work as a trendsetter in the action genre. The game has gained popularity among the avid gamers because of various reasons. Really good visuals who resemble real-life experience along with excellent game plan and strategies which helps the gamers learn many warfare knowledge.

BioShock Infinite

Bioshock is slowly becoming the favorite game for many people and has introduced many exciting features into this game to give the customers, the most unique experience. The game was developed by the Irrational Games and also have the unique record of winning many awards in the industry in the dates before its release in the market.

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Best strategy games ever

Best strategy games ever

The most complete enthralling experience that a professional gamer enjoys is that of playing strategy video games. These also helps you acquire many life skills like giving leadership lessons and also getting you to know the qualities of teamwork. With the initial release of the strategy games in the market, it has evolved to many dimensions and gives the player many options to plan the game unlike the earlier versions where the task of the player was pre-installed. All the top video-gaming industries have developed this gaming genre and made some epic games.

These are the top strategy games in the market:

Rise of Nations

It is a product of the Microsoft Game Studios and was developed in the year 2003. Working on real-time strategy, this game sold many copies in the market and was favorite for the gamers for encouraging the skills of task-switching and memory for them. It can be played both as single and multi-user and has released many later versions of it.

Supreme Commander

This game was released some years later in 2007 and can be played both in your PC and Xbox machines. Popularly known among gamers as SupCom, it is said to have inspired from an earlier game called Total Annihilation. It is a brainchild of Chris Taylor, Supreme Commander is known for its breathtaking visuals and different gaming plans.

Star Wars

This is an old horse and has seen many inspirations in the form of films and comic books. The first video games of this series was primarily developed in the early years of 1980s and have enthralled the players with the alien environment and whole new warfare strategies were developed to give new user experience to the avid gamers in every successive series.


This Firaxis Games item was developed for Linux and Mac operating Systems. X-COM has also developed an android version of this game for the smartphone users. Influenced from the others alien games in the market and taking cue from the various popular comics in terms of character, this product has set standards for strategy games.

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Best sports games ever

Best sports games ever`

Video game is also expected as a modern game form by the experts. Any type of sports has a good number of die-hard followers and is itself considered a huge industry with backing in both the government level as well as private firms. Things get more exciting when one of the highest-growing sector of video-game is linked with the vast sports industry. All the video gaming companies have brought their own version of the most popular games played in the world and giving a chance to those who want to leartn the skills and enjoy the thrilling experience.

Some of the names of top video-games in sports genre is given:

Madden NFL 2005

This is a popular video-game from football lovers. Resealed almost around a decade ago, the Madden NFL gives a real football experience to the avid gamers. This product from Electronic Arts, can be played in cross-platform mediums such as Xbox, GameCube and PlayStation and the real stars come alive in the virtual world of the game.

NHL ’94

Another interesting game from the house of Electronic Arts, which brings the magic of the ice hockey game alive in the gaming screen. The NHL’94 has been through various modifications from the time of its release in the market. The different gaming modes and series which is part of the game makes it a favorite choice among the gaming lovers.


FIFA 10 has a good number of followers in the gaming world. Known for nearly bringing real-life experience and visuals for the soccer fans and gives different options to the users in terms of choosing teams and the tournaments of their choice. All the top soccer players from around the world play among each other in this ultimate game.

EA Skate

This sport of skating in the real world is gaining good audience from around the world and is specially popular among the young generation for the various stunts and physical activities needed in this sports. The product EA Skate video game was initially launched in the year 2007 also has a very interactive mobile version for the video game players.

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Best video game characters ever

Best video game characters ever

From the earliest times to the modern days, there were many video games that became highly popular among the gamers all around the world. There are many reasons for the likeness among the gaming fraternity; one of the most important being the video game characters that were part of the games. The appearance and personality of the characters made them easily identifiable with the users. Some of them also became part of the popular culture during the golden age of video games and inspired many books, film and comics at later times.

These are the most popular characters in video game history:


This is the most famous mascot in the video game industry and it part of the Vault-Tec corporation. This character also appeared in the video-game series of Fallout which was developed by the Interplay Entertainment. This cartoon figure with blond hair and a vault jumpsuit was seen in advertisements along with a girl figure named Vault Girl.

Pac Man

Pac-Man is still considered to be the most favored video game in the times when arcade games were in vogue. The simplicity of the game and the scoring system helped it to become a craze among the younger generation. The game which was released initially in 1980 was part of the shooting and alien category and inspired many more in the similar genre.


One of the favorite characters among the children fraternity of video gamers around the world. Games like Mario and Super Mario had influenced an entire generation in the 1980s and is still popular among the die-hard video-game lovers. Mario with cap and mustache along with Baby Luma, Luigi and Donkey Kong have become household names.

Lara Croft

Lara Croft is the most popular woman game character of all times. This character has also influenced real time movie with the same name. This video game which is around two decades old was path-breaking in the sense that it introduced woman characters as full-time combat and inspiring many new video games around this genre in the coming years.

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