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Top gaming monitors to use

In order to enjoy the maximum experience of playing video games, you need to get yourself a gaming monitor that is more optimized for gaming purposes and has additional features in the model to assist your playing endeavors. A gaming monitor will be able to handle fast moving, detailed images at full-screen sizes.

Given is the list of the best gaming monitors to use.

Viewsonic VX2452mh

This is a good choice for video gamers. Its color and grayscale performance are good, but not great, and it loses luminance and color fidelity when viewed from an angle. The ViewSonic VX2452mh is a reasonably priced 24-inch gaming monitor that delivers blur-free action without using a lot of power.

Philips Brilliance

This 7-inch gaming monitor gives to the users 1,920-by-1,080 resolution to play their favorite video games on screen. The Philips Brilliance LCD Monitor with Nvidia G-Sync numbered 272G5DYEB delivers smooth, stutter-free performance. The other features in the monitor include speedy refresh, pixel response rates and fully adjustable stand.

Acer B286HK

This is an UHD monitor that delivers a highly detailed image, good gray-scale reproduction, and solid gaming performance. The Acer B286HK has many added features in the model that includes ergonomic stand, a USB hub, and advanced color settings in addition to generous feature set for better viewing.

BenQ XL2720Z

This gaming monitor is sure to give the users an enthralling experience. The BenQ XL2720Z is designed for gamers and loaded with features. This 27-inch monitor is an ideal choice in times of extreme gaming performance and gives the users get 144Hz refresh rate along with dedicated first-person shooter (FPS) modes to play with.

Best antivirus needed for gaming

Playing video games in PC and other devices is common among the gaming enthusiasts. Though gaming is fun for the players but it does pose a threat to any device though antivirus and malware. It is necessary for the gamers to protect their devices from any virus related attacks and so install the best anti-virus software.

These are some of the top antivirus that should be used by gamers.


The Avast is proffered by the customers as it gives the best performance. It helps in making independent performance and protection tests. It offers the users, a stable program that care of the malware and adware problems and also also many useful components like link protection, browser cleanup and a handy network vulnerability scanner and more.


Avira is famous for giving real-world performance and has for the users, a unique suite of antivirus tools. It has the best facilities to detect  threat definition files that get updated with the best in the industry. It has improved the features of its malware protection capabilities and counters general threat levels.


The AVG with its various features is highly preferred by most gamers. It also integrated many innovative features into its portfolio like the security browser add-ons. The AVG technologies are known to make their antivirus software more user-interface friendly and has inducted features like behavioral antivirus protection.


The Panda Cloud is the ideal option for gamers and it does all the necessary antivirus duties. It has features that alerts you at times when you would like another opinion on a suspicious file. This antivirus is perfect for your systems and the Panda the ankle-holster antivirus option helps the antivirus scanners and active virus blockers working simultaneously without interference.

Top movies based on video games

The two most popular forms of entertainment for the modern generation are the video games and movies. There have been many instances in the past that the films inspired the video game developers to design a game on the basis of the film but there have been some instances where it was done in the other way round.

Given is the list of the best films which were made inspired by video games.

Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat banked its appeal on being bloody, visceral and just plain nasty. The movie, however, was a sanguine, made-for-children affair with a horrible techno title track and a long-haired Christopher Lambert. Riding on the success of the popular game, the film matched the story of the video game and took it further.

Max Payne

The film of Max Payne was the perfect mix of stylish shooter action and knowing satire and at the time of its release, its bullet-time gunplay made it a groundbreaking piece of entertainment. As a video game Max Payne was an amazing package. Remedy’s shooter took the best of Hong-Kong action flicks and hard-boiled action cliches and wrapped them in a story that recycled them all to hilarious effect.

Resident Evil

The Resident Evil was genuinely creepy in parts and some of the monsters are flat-out gruesome. We have to own up to possessing a small softspot for Paul W.S. Anderson’s schlock horror flick. The Resident Evil video game helped to create high standards with its graphics as wl as the the intruiging storyline and characters.

Lara Croft

The film on Lara Croft increased the reach of the already popular video game of women fighters and shooters. With a huge following, it was a success. The first of two films starring Angelina Jolie as the most famous female character was widely accepted by the audience and played a big part in the success of the franchisee.

Best selling video games ever

Video games has been popular among the children and teenage population for a long time. The industry has grown in huge proportions since the time of its beginning. In the video gaming market, there are many professional video gamers who are dedicated consumers of the different game products along with many occasional buyers and amateur players who are trying out different video games.

These is the list of the most top-selling video games of all times.

Grand Theft Auto V

This game offers so many possibilities that the user will have a hard time getting bored. Whether you want to drive around, shoot at random civilians, fly a plane or simply take on the various missions, GTA V’s fictionalized city of Los Santos is huge. Along with racing, the game consists of many other adventures.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

The first-person shooter not only has great graphics, but a very complex game-play which has made it very popular amongst teenagers and adults alike. This is the most popular of the shooter genre video games in the market which is available in the top gaming consoles and works as a standard game in this industry.


The Tetris franchise is so popular in fact, that an epic science fiction movie based on the franchise is in the works, despite the obvious lack of actual material in the game for such a film. This simple game, which was released long back and everyone from children to older folks enjoy spending hours playing Tetris.

Super Mario Bros.

The Super Mario Bros meaning the original version was so successful that it remains one of the best-selling games of all time, in spite of the release of the newer and advanced versions. This game is so much fun that even seasoned players enjoy plugging in their old console and going on adventures with this Italian plumber.

Top free game engines to try

Independent video game developers are always looking for the best free gaming engines to develop their games. From making the first free gaming engine, these gaming engines have come a big way integrated the best features that are standards in the gaming market and are not behind the big propreitray ones.

Given are the list of best free gaming engines to try for game developers.


Panda3D is a game engine that includes graphics, audio, I/O, collision detection, and other abilities relevant to the creation of 3D games. Panda3D’s intended game-development language is Python. The engine itself is written in C++, and utilizes an automatic wrapper-generator to expose the complete functionality of the engine in a Python interface. This approach gives a developer the advantages of Python development, such as rapid development and advanced memory management, but keeps the performance of a compiled language in the engine core. For instance, the engine is integrated with Python’s garbage collector, and engine structures are automatically managed.


jMonkeyEngine (jME) is a game engine made especially for modern 3D development, as it uses shader technology extensively. jMonkeyEngine is written in Java and uses LWJGL as its default renderer. jMonkeyEngine was built to fulfill the lack of full featured graphics engines written in Java. The project has a distinct two-part story, as the current core development team includes none of the original creators.

Irrlicht Engine

Irrlicht is a game engine written in C++. It is cross-platform, officially running on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Windows CE and due to its open nature ports to other systems are available, including FreeBSD, Xbox, PlayStation Portable, Raspberry Pi, SymbianOS, iPhone and Google Native Client. Irrlicht supports 3D rendering via OpenGL, DirectX 8, 9, and 11, and internal software rasterizers and external renderers and windowing systems plug in through simple interfaces.


OGRE (Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine) is a scene-oriented, real-time, 3D rendering engine (as opposed to a game engine). It is written in C++ and is designed to make it easier for developers to write programs that use hardware-accelerated 3D graphics. The class library abstracts from the underlying system libraries. OGRE has multi-platform support; currently, it supports Linux, Windows, OS X, NaCl, WinRT, Windows Phone 8, iOS and Android.

Best MMORPG games to play

Massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) blend the genres of role-playing video games and massively multiplayer online games, potentially in the form of web browser-based games, in which a very large number of players interact with one another within a world. Here the player assume the role of a character and takes control over many of that character’s actions.

These are the best MMORPG games that video games should play.


Tera continues to provide some of the most responsive and dramatic combat anywhere. Underpinning the excellent, skill-based combat is a diverse batch of races and classes, all with different play styles and abilities. One of the strongest aspects of Tera’s character creation system is the way that all of the classes are universally compatible with all of the races.

EVE Online

EVE Online succeeds by focusing on a handful of elements and doing them exceptionally well. On top of their meticulous simulations and systems, and also does a tremendous job of listening to its dedicated community and responding appropriately, to the point that subscribers are often integral to the decision making process.


In Rift, players choose up to three souls that function like skill trees, and can then decide if they want to spread points around multiple trees or focus all of their character growth into one.

World of Warcraft

A popular game has added new features introduced into the game, match three puzzle games, pet battles, a Plants vs. Zombies minigame, and an unbelievable wealth of other content in iterative patches and full blown expansions.

Top gaming headsets to buy

Audio is one of those categories where there’s very little barrier to entry and a nearly limitless ceiling. It’s also extremely subjective, so what sounds great to one person may sound terrible to another. In case of video gamer, getting the best sound is inevitable to their success as a gamer.

Given are the best gaming headsets that you can get your hands on.

V-Moda Crossfade M100s

The V-Moda Crossfade M100s are a special beast. Their design was crowdsourced by hundreds of notoriously discerning audiophiles, and it shows. Every piece, every element has a clear thought and purpose behind it. The chassis is made from rugged steel that can stand up to all but the most extreme punishment. Both ear cups have a port for the audio cable, allowing you to swap which side you wear your mic, or giving you a backup port if do manage to break one.

Kingston Hyper X Cloud 2

Massive 53mm drivers, comfort, cross-compatibility with other gaming platforms and the list goes on. Sound is complex and bright without losing any details, and if you’re a fan of virtual surround, Kingston supports that with an included USB-connected soundcard. The mic is detachable, and our teammates could hear us perfectly during our tests. The companion sound card also helps clarity on both ends by automatically boosting chat volume when the game gets louder, and providing noise cancellation so your friends only hear what they need to.

Creative Sound Blaster Tactic3D Rage

The Tactic3D Rage carries Creative’s solid pedigree. With the Creative name comes an arsenal of software enhancements that help set the Tactic3D apart, especially at this price level. The SBX suite gives you options to toggle virtual surround and bass boost for those that love heavy lows. The SBX Crystallizer is the star here, though. It uses algorithms to enhance some audio detail lost during compression.

Turtle Beach Ear Force X12

the Ear Force X12 from Turtle Beach is one of the most affordable headsets around, and it’s just about impossible to find something that will give you more for your money. Turtle Beach impresses out of the gate with several excellent features like inline volume control and a mic monitor. The latter of which is a stand-out feature, letting you hear yourself through the headphones so you don’t end up accidentally screaming into the mic.