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Top racing games for your smartphone

Who could’ve predicted an era where mobile communication devices would become so powerful? Nowadays, our smartphones (aptly called smart) have transcended their mere and mundane usage as communication devices. While writing this article, my mind immediately conjured up an image I saw on some social networking website. The image depicted 80’s era and appliances that were considered high-tech back. Gadgets like walkman music player, electronic calculator and last not least earliest Atari game console littered around! In stark contrast, the other portion of the image depicted today’s era with just a smartphone replacing all these.

Smartphones have become a viable gaming option on the go! They are now home to almost all genres of games one expects to find on consoles and any other mainstream gaming platform. Be it role playing games, horror survival games, first person shooters and my favorite car racing games! You’ll find it all specifically made for your smartphone.

Although there are many car racing games but Need for Speed franchise is a time honored and one of the most phenomenal games. No other game comes close to capturing the adrenaline rush and portraying the elements one might expect to experience during a high speed car pursuit better than these games.

It may not be open world but most wanted has all the ingredients that will get your pulse racing and heart throbbing. It’s the epitome of old school racing game. Having said that, the game makes full use of smartphone touch screen capabilities and bestows a lot more control over vehicle than simply speeding up and breaking. Players have the option to either use the tilt based control functionality to maneuver the vehicle or use the touch wheel option. Visually stunning and sleek, it contains the same quality visuals you’d find on its console version. There are a lot of micro transactions built in the game to avail the good content and upgrades, but I think overall it’s impressive and the nudge to make in game purchase doesn’t mar the overall experience.

Best gaming apps for iPhone

Best gaming apps for iPhone

With so many iPhone games out there, and more coming out all the time, it can be tough to know what titles you should check out. These are the games that everyone should know about. Don’t leave home without them!


Threes has inspired so many clones and copycats that few realize the design debt owed to the original game, a delightful number puzzle with surprising complexity under the hood. You have follow some rules if you need a hand increasing your score.

Geometry Wars 3

Geometry Wars 3 only just came out for the iPhone and iPad, but already it’s rocketed into my list of all-time favorites. The thumb-maneuvering required makes it a good fit for the iPhone’s size, and the soundtrack adds a thumping, heart-pulsing backbeat to any boring commute or waiting room. Many folks saw Geometry Wars 3 as a disappointment when it came out for consoles and computers last year, but the iPhone’s touch controls and screen size make it a perfect fit for the game’s mechanics and overall vibe.

Crossy Road

Like Threes, Crossy Road has a handful of admiring imitators, but none compare to the original: a free game that sustains itself by selling cute character skins via no-pressure micro-transactions. Helping each of these colorful animals cross the road will require expert timing and patience; rounds are short, so it’s great for on-the-go playtime.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout

It continues the upward trajectory for Gameloft’s Call of Duty-esque first-person shooter series, with tighter controls and a unified levelling system that merges solo and multiplayer rewards. The single-player campaign is more flash than substance and the recent switch to free-to-play gives big spenders a big edge in multiplayer, but mobile FPSs don’t come better.

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Best gaming apps for andriod phone

Best gaming apps for andriod phone

Big publishing studios and indie davs alike are working hard at providing gamers with quality titles for Android devices. In fact, you can find just about every type of game under the sun on Google’s mobile platform. From RPGs and shooters to casual and puzzle games, there are many gaming applications for the android users.

Reckless Racing 3

Reckless Racing 3 is Micro Machines-style racer with an isometric view, allowing you to look down from above, which produces some fantastically frenetic contests. It uses four on-screen controls for turning right and left, and driving forwards or in reverse. It might seem like a lot compared to other racers in which you just tilt the screen, but it handles perfectly.

Angry Birds Go!

Angry Birds Go! is a free-to-play racing game from Rovio, the team which brought us the original Angry Birds. It looks like a cartoon with neatly cel-shaded graphics and plays something like Mario Kart. It features a number of different modes, such as avoiding obstacles, racing others, crashing through a predetermined number of items, and boss chases.

Marvel Contest of Champions

Featuring some of the greatest Marvel characters ever, Marvel Contest of Champions is the Android brawler you’ve been waiting for. Battle your way through a variety of stages as you level-up and unlock new characters in this epic quest. It is Marvel Contest of Champions control-precision which makes this one of the best fighters out there.

Frozen Synapse

Frozen Synapse was an indie PC classic long-before it hit Android, and what a game it is. Frozen Synapse is a squad-based, turn-based, tactical shooter which sees you take control of a small assault team to take down an enemy team in a single player campaign, or other players in multiplayer.

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Best gaming apps for windows phone

Best gaming apps for windows phone

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise: While virtually no one was looking, Windows Phone has fast become a great gaming platform. A few key developers—notably Zynga and OMGPOP, among others—aren’t on board yet, but many of the big ones are. Windows Phone is even racking up some exclusives you can’t get on Android or iOS. The best part: All the games listed here look great and play smoothly. Don’t let Windows Phone’s current lack of support for dual-core CPUs get to you.

Assassin’s Creed

This smoothly animated, three-quarter perspective action adventure game brings 12th-century Middle East to life. Encompassing the Third Crusade, Assassin’s Creed looks, sounds, and feels like a proper adventure game—complete with cinematic cut scenes, six short and long-range weapons, and a series of mini-games. It also has a killer atmosphere.

Sonic 4 Episode I

It’s the radioactive blue hedgehog, and it’s on Windows Phone. Sonic plays just as well here as it did on Sega consoles, with smooth animation and (for some of us) nausea-inducing flips and rolls, even just in 2D. Gamers who cut their teeth on a Sega Genesis won’t need any convincing for this one.

Civilization Revolution

The Civilization series may be 20 years old, but thanks to a stellar fifth incarnation on the desktop, plus re-imagined Revolution versions on consoles and mobile devices, it keeps going strong. The Windows Phone version satisfies, with 16 civilizations, multiple difficulty levels, several tutorial modes, four victory conditions, and a tool for creating your own scenarios.


This one is a kid’s game, but it’s pretty amazing. (And no, it doesn’t require Microsoft Kinect.) On the island of Lemuria, you can play with and care for a cheetah, black panther, African lion, royal Bengal tiger, or African leopard, with the ability to unlock more animals as you progress. Gorgeous graphics and a smooth, orchestral soundtrack really show off your phone’s power.

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Top things to learn from gaming

Top things to learn from gaming

What are the lessons for the rest of us? Three basic propositions underlie the gamers’ decision-making process, and these ideas are already on their way to your market and your products and services and if they’re not already there.


The best and smartest games let the users set the effective price of each session or game each time they play. Some days it’s a little bit and some days it’s a bundle. The point is that the customer is in control. Your pricing strategy needs to incorporate and demonstrate the same kind of flexibility.


The best and smartest games let the users decide how much or little they want to spend each time they play. Some days it’s a lot of time or money (each being a material kind of a commitment) and some days it’s just a quick bit of time-killing. If you do things right, you can be all things to all people all of the time. But your products and services need to be accessible across a broad spectrum of pricing and consumer choices, not a simple set of fixed offerings.


The best and smartest games let the users decide on exactly how much the experience is worth to them each time they choose to play or continue to play. All the market research and pricing guidance in the world doesn’t compare to letting the customer determine the value of the experience. If your products or services provide real benefit and value, you will discover over time (and over the lifetime of a continued customer relationship) that your best customers will actually pay up for the right experiences rather than try to be bargain-basement buyers.

Focusing on the value of the experience is doubly significant because today no one under the age of 30 really cares about possession or, frankly, about owning anything. Everything is about utility and experience, social and sharing. Ownership (buying “stuff”) is a burden today, not simply because so much of the readily disposable technology we see and use every day is outmoded and obsolete in roughly the time it takes us to master it, but also because we would just as soon not assume the obligations and the commitments that come as part of the package.

I know that “one size, one model, one strategy” will never work for everyone, but one thing is true beyond question: Your best buyers will tell you that everything is better by the byte.

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Best gaming gadgets available

Best gaming gadgets available

Gaming is serious business. The game industry alone is worth more than million dollars and the numbers are rising. Chances are, you have several games going on on your smartphone and you have one or two consoles at home equipped for some heavy gaming sessions. It is very necessary to use the best gaming gadgets to make the maximum experience and get the best results.

Given are some of the best gaming gadgets available:

Logitech G930 Headset

If multi-player modes are your thing, you would want this gaming headset to block out the white noise so you can focus on the distinct sounds of the game and team play. With a noise-cancelling microphone, 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity, surround sound, you can receive and deliver your commands to team mates smoothly and clearly.

Razer Naga

Another mouse that is built for heavy-duty gaming, the Razer Naga is an ergonomically designed gaming mouse that features 17 MMO optimized programmable buttons. This mouse also has a scroll wheel which can be clicked in 24 different positions for advanced gaming.

Razer Ferox Gaming Speakers

They are not binoculars or mini-power plants. These two tubes are gaming speakers with 360° omni-directional sound. Perfect for gamers who want the full surround sound experience.

Optoma PT105 LED Projector

When gaming on a monitor or a TV screen is not enough, maybe you should be getting a projector instead. This projector projects 75 Lumens, a display brighter than most other projectors. It supports different inputs like VGA, HDMI and composite video and audio inputs, so you can connect it to your pc, in any port that suits you. It projects a 60-inch display on the wall at a distance of 10 feet.

Logitech F710 Gamepad

Feel every hit, or crash in the game with help of the dual motor vibration feedback on this Gamepad. It also has a unique floating D-Pad which gives you better controls.

Roccat Kone[+] Gaming Mouse

Roccat Kone[+] is a maximum customizable gaming mouse, which gives you easy access to over 22 functions using the EasyShiift[+] button duplicator with just a single click. It has a 6000dpi Pro-Aim laser to give you precision at its finest level. With its 4-LED light system, you can customize your mouse with colours and light effects.

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Best benefits of video gaming

Best benefits of video gaming

Although there is no question that ordinary play can provide a wide range of benefits for young people, does the sort of play allowed by interactive video games produce the same benefits?Among some of the most popular games played online today is allowing more than twelve million players to customize their own gaming experience, battle human or computer opponents, and explore complex virtual worlds.

Given the thousands of other interactive game systems available to players,  it is hardly surprising that the wide range of gaming experiences has spawned a gamer culture with virtual and non-virtual gaming communities around the world and distinctions among casual, core, hard-core, and even pro gamers earning some or all of their income from gaming in serious competitions.

Cognitive development

Research into action games show enhanced mental rotation abilities, faster and more accurate attention allocation, higher spatial resolution in visual processing.   Meta-analysis studies showed that spatial skills can be learned in a relatively brief time by playing video games and that the results are often comparable to training in formal courses designed to enhance those same skills.


By setting specific tasks and allowing young people to work through obstacles to achieve those tasks, video games can help boost self-esteem and help children learn the value of persistence. By providing immediate feedback as video game players solve problems and achieve greater expertise, players can learn to see themselves as having skills and intelligence they might not otherwise realize they possess.


For most gamers, video games are played for enjoyment and to help improve their mood. Along with distracting them from real-world problems (a special concern for young people looking for escape from bullying or other negative life situations),  succeeding in video games can lead to positive feelings, reduced anxiety, and becoming more relaxed.


Perhaps more than ever before, video games have become an intensely social activity. Instead of the stereotypical gaming nerd who uses video games to shun social contact, over 70 percent of gamers play with friends, whether as part of a team or in direct competition.

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