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Best strategy games ever

Best strategy games ever

The most complete enthralling experience that a professional gamer enjoys is that of playing strategy video games. These also helps you acquire many life skills like giving leadership lessons and also getting you to know the qualities of teamwork. With the initial release of the strategy games in the market, it has evolved to many dimensions and gives the player many options to plan the game unlike the earlier versions where the task of the player was pre-installed. All the top video-gaming industries have developed this gaming genre and made some epic games.

These are the top strategy games in the market:

Rise of Nations

It is a product of the Microsoft Game Studios and was developed in the year 2003. Working on real-time strategy, this game sold many copies in the market and was favorite for the gamers for encouraging the skills of task-switching and memory for them. It can be played both as single and multi-user and has released many later versions of it.

Supreme Commander

This game was released some years later in 2007 and can be played both in your PC and Xbox machines. Popularly known among gamers as SupCom, it is said to have inspired from an earlier game called Total Annihilation. It is a brainchild of Chris Taylor, Supreme Commander is known for its breathtaking visuals and different gaming plans.

Star Wars

This is an old horse and has seen many inspirations in the form of films and comic books. The first video games of this series was primarily developed in the early years of 1980s and have enthralled the players with the alien environment and whole new warfare strategies were developed to give new user experience to the avid gamers in every successive series.


This Firaxis Games item was developed for Linux and Mac operating Systems. X-COM has also developed an android version of this game for the smartphone users. Influenced from the others alien games in the market and taking cue from the various popular comics in terms of character, this product has set standards for strategy games.

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Best sports games ever

Best sports games ever`

Video game is also expected as a modern game form by the experts. Any type of sports has a good number of die-hard followers and is itself considered a huge industry with backing in both the government level as well as private firms. Things get more exciting when one of the highest-growing sector of video-game is linked with the vast sports industry. All the video gaming companies have brought their own version of the most popular games played in the world and giving a chance to those who want to leartn the skills and enjoy the thrilling experience.

Some of the names of top video-games in sports genre is given:

Madden NFL 2005

This is a popular video-game from football lovers. Resealed almost around a decade ago, the Madden NFL gives a real football experience to the avid gamers. This product from Electronic Arts, can be played in cross-platform mediums such as Xbox, GameCube and PlayStation and the real stars come alive in the virtual world of the game.

NHL ’94

Another interesting game from the house of Electronic Arts, which brings the magic of the ice hockey game alive in the gaming screen. The NHL’94 has been through various modifications from the time of its release in the market. The different gaming modes and series which is part of the game makes it a favorite choice among the gaming lovers.


FIFA 10 has a good number of followers in the gaming world. Known for nearly bringing real-life experience and visuals for the soccer fans and gives different options to the users in terms of choosing teams and the tournaments of their choice. All the top soccer players from around the world play among each other in this ultimate game.

EA Skate

This sport of skating in the real world is gaining good audience from around the world and is specially popular among the young generation for the various stunts and physical activities needed in this sports. The product EA Skate video game was initially launched in the year 2007 also has a very interactive mobile version for the video game players.

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Best video game characters ever

Best video game characters ever

From the earliest times to the modern days, there were many video games that became highly popular among the gamers all around the world. There are many reasons for the likeness among the gaming fraternity; one of the most important being the video game characters that were part of the games. The appearance and personality of the characters made them easily identifiable with the users. Some of them also became part of the popular culture during the golden age of video games and inspired many books, film and comics at later times.

These are the most popular characters in video game history:


This is the most famous mascot in the video game industry and it part of the Vault-Tec corporation. This character also appeared in the video-game series of Fallout which was developed by the Interplay Entertainment. This cartoon figure with blond hair and a vault jumpsuit was seen in advertisements along with a girl figure named Vault Girl.

Pac Man

Pac-Man is still considered to be the most favored video game in the times when arcade games were in vogue. The simplicity of the game and the scoring system helped it to become a craze among the younger generation. The game which was released initially in 1980 was part of the shooting and alien category and inspired many more in the similar genre.


One of the favorite characters among the children fraternity of video gamers around the world. Games like Mario and Super Mario had influenced an entire generation in the 1980s and is still popular among the die-hard video-game lovers. Mario with cap and mustache along with Baby Luma, Luigi and Donkey Kong have become household names.

Lara Croft

Lara Croft is the most popular woman game character of all times. This character has also influenced real time movie with the same name. This video game which is around two decades old was path-breaking in the sense that it introduced woman characters as full-time combat and inspiring many new video games around this genre in the coming years.

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Best adventure games ever

Best adventure games ever

The video games which have mostly loyal fans are the adventure games. The history of the real adventure video games can be traced to the early 1980s. During this decade, the games slowly evolved into a storyline with characters and were gaining a commercial marketplace. The theme that is generally followed in these type of games were exploration strategy and puzzle-solving.

Given are the list of the top adventure video games:

Gabriel Knight

It is an old adventure video game which was developed by Sierra On-Line in the 90s. The game is part of an interesting storyline and later developed into many series on different story structure. The video game was also later an inspiration for novels. The game is currently held by Activision for rights and characters like Gabriel Knight and Dr, John are still popular.

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

The video game is part of the famous adventure film series Indiana Jones and was developed by LucasArts. It started a new form of game playing techniques and had plots where the protagonists engaged in many different pursuits. The popularity of the video games later helped to start comic series by famous artists Elaine Lee and  Lee Marrs.

The Walking Dead

A relatively new video game which is the product of Telltale Games, The Walking Dead in a modern interactive game where the many episodes are written by famous writers. The characters of the game make it very exciting and has made into many magazines and have been even awarded as the Game of the Year by some of those publications.

Broken Sword

It is a product of the famous gaming firm Revoltion Software. The video game Broken Sword which first came to the customers in the final stages of the last century had very good interactive features which are still available along with several upgradations over the year. The popular names like George Stobbart and Nicole Collard are still famous among loyal gamers.

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Best game engines available

Best game engines available

If playing games is exciting then making these games is even more thrilling ! Over the times, with the development of the gaming industry and its association with the IT sector has harnessed new technologies which shape the modern face of video-game industry worldwide. In the recent times, there are many tools available for both gamers and game designers in the market. The software make designing gaming platforms more easy and systematic. it has helped in developing an entire range of professionals who look after the different aspects of the product.

Some of the top game engines available in the market are:


An old and one of the most used game-engines in the market, the Unreal is a product of the Epic games. Many popular games among users like Zeno Clash, Infinity Blade, Killing Floor, Unreal Tournament were made in this very engine and it has specific editions for the different famous gaming consoles like Xbox and PlayStation.


It is one of the most popular multi-platform game creating engines in the market. Initially made only for Apple users, it has now covered other systems. Working for almost all devices, it provides the latest technological features for the game developers. They have recently released the Unity 5 versions as a freemium for getting user feedbacks.


The Ubisoft favorite CryEngine is developed by  Crytek group. The first development tool was known as Sandbox Editor which was later modified to mmet the latest 3D standards in the gaming industry. The company has released the 4th installation of their product which supports open-source technologies like Linux and has top games under its belt.

App Game Kit

With the different gaming consoles, mobile gaming has seen overwhelming growth in the present times thanks to the smartphone phenomenon. The App Game Kit is making real headways in the recent times among the game lovers and gaming professionals and developers. Though primarily built for mobile, it supports other devices like PC and Tablets.

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Top graphics cards for gaming

Top graphics cards for gaming

The growth of gaming industry in the world have hastened an influx of many gaming related accessories or gaming instruments in the market. From the various video gaming consoles and the accessories in PC gaming machines like graphics or video cards, gaming technology has grown in an unprecedented rate in the last decade. Many top computer peripheral manufacturing companies are in the market battle to produce the best types of graphics or video cards for the professional as well as amateur gaming enthusiasts worldwide.

These are some of the best graphics cards used in gaming:

AMD Radeon

An old computer peripheral manufacturer, Advanced Micro Devices’s Radeon is a popular graphics card. This Radeon series came after the Rage one and has developed a big range of products under many specifications for the market. It generally uses 6 to 8-pin input with HDMI and DVI output and having a double-spaced cooler and costs $ 400.

Nvidia GeForce Titan

This little pricey graphic card from the Nvidia stable has set a record in the recent times for being the fastest performer in the GPU sector. The best that money can buy model has almost all the features of the GTX 680. The price tag of $ 1000 makes it an asset for gamers and it is equiped with 4 GB of GPU memory with 2,688 cores for best results.


This is a perfect catch for amateur gamers as it has most of the essential features of high-end graphics card. The MSI R9 has a memory path of 384 bit with 3 GB memory. The display port connection and other features match the best of the lot. The competitive pricing of $ 235 gives it a tough fight among the best brands in the gaming market.


The EVGA GTX Titan is featured in the chart for being the most priced model. The features are as excepted for this high-end device. A n ideal choice for gaming companies and professionals to try the best gaming experience. With 2,880 crores it is better than the Nvidia GeForce Titan and is available for users for at the cost of $1,019.

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Best arcade games ever

Best arcade games ever

The age of arcade games is often referred as the golden age of gaming. The establishment of arcade game saw a craze among kids and teenagers and saw heavy crowd in public places where there were installed. From the early 1920s to the late 1980s, there saw an influx of arcade games in various types and themes. They gradually developed taking the shape of the modern day video games, playstation and XBox.

Some of the popular arcade games are given:


The creation of Tōru Iwatani, Pac-Man was developed by Namco and Atari. A renowned classic game, it inspired other space shooting games like Space Invaders and Asteroids. A part of the popular culture of the 1980s, Pac-Man was popular among people of all ages was further developed as a video game and was part of hit television series.

Space Invaders

Released a little earlier than Pac-Man, it was initially from Tomohiro Nishikado. The most popular video arcade game ever, Space Invaders has influenced an entire generation and became part of the culture with music, popular television series like Futurama and also books written on this famous arcade game.

Star Wars

Star Wars was released in the year 1983 and was the brainchild of Mike Hally. This arcade game was hugely popular among video gamers and had mark resemblance to the iconic movie. Owing to its huge popularity, home versions of the game was developed for computer and has got many world records among its players.


The arcade game had close resemblance to the Star Wars and jointly designed by Lyle Rains and Ed Logg. One of the earliest proponents of vector game, Asteroids was also known as the flying saucers game. Other popular arcade games like Gravitar and Defender were hugely influenced from this popular space shooting arcade game.

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