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Best mobile gaming companies

Best mobile gaming firms

Gaming is becoming one of the biggest industries in the coming years. According to study, the total market share is estimated at 2.3 trillions and has huge growth prospects. With the development of smartphone industry, mobile gaming is going through an unprecedented research phase and ultimate gaming thrill for the gamers. The new market has seen many big and old players vying for place in this sunshine industry.

These are some of the best mobile gaming companies:


One of the biggest android gaming developing company, Gameloft is the maker of ground-breaking games like Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto. This France-based firm has a market share of more than $ 100 billion. The company makes gaming platforms and consoles along with mobile gaming applications and won consecutive IGN Game Awards.


This Angry Birds maker created a sensation not only in the mobile market but also among the gaming fraternity. It has over 200 million revenue as stated by the company and has started Rovio Stars and Rovio Mobile. They have also published many more exciting games which have gained popularity like Word Monsters and Tiny Thief .

EA Sports

An old gaming company, EA sports has entered the mobile arena with the EA Mobile apps. It flagship products like FIFA, NBA Live and NHL have also come in mobile versions and have equal acceptance among the users. Need for Speed and many monopoly games have helped to maintain EA customers loyal to the company.


The king in the sector of freemium games – Supercell has seen enormous growth in the recent times and its revenue collection statistics of over 2 million is a testimony to it. Mobile games like Clash of Clans, Hay Day and Boom Beach are still the favorite among the mobile gamers across the country and Supercell has many surprises in the coming years.

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Best Gaming PCs for you

Best Gaming PCs for you

The best gaming experience comes from the best workstation and desktop. Gaming gives the ultimate standards of video and audio and needs the best quality materials. PC gaming has the latest hardware including the graphics card, chip and processor. For enjoying gaming to the tee, it is necessary to use high-end desktops which has immense power and amazing build.
The best gaming platforms are given:

Digital Storm Coridium
If you want to enjoy gaming in HDR format, this is the ultimate beast for you. Equipped with the best AMD graphics card and latest processor, there is also dual chip to give you enough power for any powerful game rig. Built to compete with the best in the market, it is ready to take any test in running the latest gaming software.

Lenovo Erazer X510

This is a really cool hardware in the block. The beautiful and hip design of this ready material coupled with good performance and usability brings it in the league of best gaming PCs. The affordable pricing of the hardware adds to its advantage and it is always open for future enhancements though it does not offer blue ray drive.

Alienware X51

A popular brand among gamers all over the world, the Alienware X51 needs special mention in the list.  it carries the trademark small chassis for saving space an beautiful lighting features. Fitted with Nvidia graphics card, it is the budget Pc for gamers though it comes with no hardware accessories like mouse and keyboard.

Origin PC Millennium

This is another high-end gaming PC which has the latest Nvidia GeForce graphics card. It came successful in test runs for the best gaming with the ultimate multimedia and sound. You can also enjoy HDR gaming quality with this machine which runs on the latest processor and it enters the team of the best gaming PCs available in the market.

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Best mobile games in 2015

Best mobile games in 2015

Mobile gaming will become one of the biggest industry in the coming years. In the gaming sector, the mobile gaming section is gaining in manifold. According to a survey, the market share in the gaming sector will be increasing to $40.9bn by 2017.

The best mobile games in the market in 2015 in different categories is presented here:

Sports: Real Racing 3

The best sports game in the free sector. The game has around 11 levels and dozen of really awesome supercars. The sound and ambiance is really exciting and the thrill of playing racing gamers with excitement and pure adrenaline rush can be experienced to the tee. It is one of the most realistic games in the mobile section ever.

Adventure: Minecraft

The best adventure game of the year, minecraft is gaining excessive popularity in the present days. The pocket edition which is available at a nominal fees of $7. The scope of this game is really amazing as you can transform platform totally at one go. The challenges with monsters and others are becoming better with every release.

Strategy: Clash of Clans

One of the favorite game for the mobile users. It is one of the most advanced games in this sector. The separate units like wizards, barbarians, dragons takes gaming to the next level. There are different playing and the makers are constantly updating the game to suit modern gamers and add new ones with new upgradations.

Platform: Rayman

The visuals and the background makes rayman a class in its own right. The game is best enjoyed not only in smartphone but also in other mobile devices such as ipad. The gaming specifications are nice and can be enjoyed by users from all ages. The modes from easy to hard takes enough practice to master and is a real fun to play.

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