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Xbox One May Update Now Available

indexMicrosoft has released the Xbox One May Update, containing a range of improvements centered on the console’s audio controls and Party Chat functionality.

As we previously reported, this is the second small patch in as many weeks and is indicative of the company’s commitment to roll out updates more regularly.
This patch causes the “Get System Update” button to be greyed-out when no patch is available, while it’ll read “Update Console” if your system software isn’t up to date.

You’ll also be able to opt-in to help improve speech-recognition, with samples of your voice being sent to Microsoft to analyse for its algorithms, as well as fiddle with volume controls for various apps when you’re using Snap or chatting with Kinect.

Other issues addressed include one where Party Chat was muted if you failed to snap the app, alongside another where Game DVR clips occasionally recorded without audio. New features for the next big patch will likely be revealed shortly.